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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Science Enrichment

During our science enrichment days we investigated how to make a balloon blow up without air. 

First, you pour some white wine vinegar into a clear bottle and put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a balloon.  Then get the end of the balloon and place it over the top of the bottle.  The powder then goes into the bottle and starts to bubble up and fizz.  All of the fizz will make the balloon pump up.

Next we blew up a balloon and put pennies into it, then we moved and swirled it in a circular motion.  Then we started to make cloud dough.  We got baby oil and vegetable oil and mixed in flour and then we mixed it with our hands into small balls. 

We then made a bottle rain cloud.  First, we put half a glass of water onto a flat surface and topped it up with shaving foam.  We then put food colouring on the top.  The air is pushing the shaving foam so it will stay at the top and the food colouring will go through the foam and make beautiful patterns.

After that we went outside with half a plastic bag filled with water and some sharp pencils.  Then we started poking them through the bag.  My group got 10 inserted into the bag. 

We then mixed water, oil, food colour and salt together.  The oil was lighter, so it stayed on the top of the water.  The food colouring however was heavier so that just sank to the bottom.  The salt sank and then stuck together and came back up in chunks.

We then got put into groups and had to make an egg box to protect an egg.  When ours was dropped, it survived.

It was the best day ever!