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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Classes and groups

These pages will keep you up to date with what's happening in each class, the School Council, Festival updates and clubs available.  You can also see the recent winners of our house trophies.

Each week we will be updating this page with our TT Rockstars and Numbots winners.

Week ending

TT Rockstars

TT Rockstars



28 March 2024 Year 4 Dominkia (Y4) Year 1 Olivia (Y1)
22 March 2024 Year 6 Hollie (Y6) Year 2 Artem (Y2)
15 March 2024 Year 4 Isla (Y4) Year 1 Eavie (Y1)
8 March 2024 Year 2 Ella P (Y4) Year 1 Mia (Y1)
1 March 2024 Year 3 Oscar (Y3) EYFS Jacob (EYFS)
16 February 2024 Year 6 Lennie (Y6) Year 1 Mia M (Y1)
9 February 2024 Year 4 Lily M (Y6) Year 2 Si (Y2)
2 February 2024 Year 6 Pearl (Y6) Year 1 Isla (Y2)
26 January 2024 Year 4 Emily (Y6) Year 1 Mia (Y1)
12 January 2024 Year 4 Emily (Y3) EYFS Felicity (EYFS)
15 December 2023 Year 4 Josh (Y6) Year 2 Si (Y2)
8 December 2023 Year 4 Charles (Y3) Year 1 Matthew (Y1)
24 November 2023 Year 4 Ruby G (Y4) Year 1 Artem (Y1)
17 November 2023 Year 6 Ella P (Y4) EYFS Jack (EYFS)
3 November 2023 Year 4 Isla (Y4) Year 1 Olivia (Y1)
20 October 2023 Year 3 Charles (Y3) Year 2 Thenaya (Y2)
6 October 2023 Year 4 Denny O (Y4) Year 1 Olivia (Y1)
29 September 2023 Year 6 Isla (Y4) Year 2 Lucas (Y1)
22 September 2023 Year 6 Emily (Y6) Year 2 Lucas (Y2)
15 September 2023 Year 4 Dylan (Y4) Year 1 Sydney (Y1)

We also run a TMAT TT Rockstars trophy competition across the three schools.  Tany's Dell are currently holding the trophy.

On-line safety

Our on-line safety addendum can be found here.
Please click on the link below for helpful guidance on on-line safety whilst supporting your child at home.
On-line Safety and Gaming
Please click here for some top tips on setting boundaries around gaming that you may find useful.
Sharing images online
There is a real and growing concern of how many young people find it ok to share inappropriate images online. It is leading to so many becoming vulnerable to potential exploitation, blackmail and harm from a young age, leaving a lasting digital footprint. If you share it, you are involved.  Click here for further information.

Drama session on-line safety

We would like to celebrate our Drama tutor (Sam Ashford) hard work with Year 3's online safety video - amazing - please see link below. 

Online safety