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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life


Spring Term 2020

This term, the children will be learning about the Rainforest.

Our topic will cover the whole of the Spring Term and we are going to focus primarily on changes, sustainability and resourcefulness. We are going to learn where in the world rainforests are located and learn about their geographical features such as climate and structure. We will explore enquiry questions such as; 'How could you survive in the rainforest?', 'What threats does the rainforest face?' and 'Tribal life: the past or the future?'. We will focus our learning particularly on threats faced by The Yasuni National Park in Ecuador - somewhere I personally hold very close to my heart after an expedition to the area before training to become a teacher. 

A cross-curricular approach will lie at the heart of our learning.


We will be learning about human impact in our local area and beyond.


We will be developing our drawing skills in art to learn to draw rainforest animals in detail. 


We will be making links to literature such as 'The Great Kapok Tree' and 'Where the Forest Meets the Sea'. 


We will be learning dance routines based around the rainforest themed music. 


We will be revising and extending our knowledge and understanding of coding. We will create rainforest themed games using Hopscotch. 


To enhance the children's learning, the children will visit Colchester Zoo and will experience a Rainforest Talk by members of staff at the zoo during the children's visit. 

We always welcome parents to share in their children's learning. On 12th February 2020, we will open our classroom doors at 2:45pm for parents to come in and see the Rainforest projects the children have been working on as part of their homework. Towards the end of the term, we plan to hold a rainforest cafe in the classroom for parents to join us in our rainforest themed feast created by the children themselves and we also plan to make and sell sustainable goods in order to raise money for a wildlife charity. 

We really hope that the children enjoy learning about the Rainforest. 


Autumn 2 2019

This half term, the children will be learning about The Stone Age in our topic 'Stones and Bones'.

We have already started learning about The Stone Age by being archaeologists for the afternoon and exploring 'Stone-Age Poo' to learn more about the lifestyles and diets of those who lived such a long time ago. This was shortly followed by a class campfire session on the school field. We will continue to explore how humans have changed over time and how migration has long been a part of our ancestry through a variety of enquiry and research sessions. We will particularly explore the resilience shown by early humans in their survival and explore the enormity of the period of time we are studying. As in Autumn 1, we have planned for our topic to be cross-curricular and have made many links with other subjects on our timetable. We will conclude our topic with a visit to Chelmsford Museum. 

We really hope the children enjoy our 'Stones and Bones' topic. 


Autumn 1 2019

This half term, the children will be learning about ‘chocolate’. We will use a cross-curricular approach to study ‘chocolate’ in as many of our subjects as possible. 

As you know, we began our topic with a whole class bake of chocolate brownies. We made so many that the smell filled the playground.  Over the next six weeks, the children will learn about the history of chocolate as far back as the Mayans and the Aztecs; cocoa’s arrival in Europe; locations in the world that cocoa is grown and cultivated; fairtrade and the development and production of chocolate as we know it today. We will consider the health benefits of cocoa and the importance of a healthy and varied diet in addition to designing and making our own chocolate bars in DT. 

We hope that the children really enjoy our ‘chocolate’ topic.