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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life


The school has four ‘houses’: Fawbert, Barnard, Gibberd and Moore.  The first two earn their place as the founders of the school.  Sir Frederick Gibberd was the Master Planner of Harlow New Town and the artist Henry Moore lived not far from Harlow and was commissioned to create a piece for the New Town.

Children collect reward tokens for their houses which are announced weekly.   There are cups for the best house each term and overall for the year for attendance and overall tokens.  There are also cups and shields for sports and fun events.

Children are placed in the same house as older siblings as far as possible.  From time to time we work together in houses, for example in curriculum weeks.

Best House cup – highest termly attendance+  

Spring 2018 Moore
Autumn 2017 Barnard
Summer 2017 Gibberd

Pancake race 



Sports day 


Track events cup - Relay & Long distance

Shield – Overall winners

  2018   Moore   Gibberd
  2017    Fawbert   Fawbert
  2016   Gibberd   Fawbert
  2015   Fawbert   Moore
  2014   Not run   Gibberd
  2013   Barnard & Moore   Barnard & Moore

Best House cup – highest termly tokens+ 

Spring 2018 Gibberd
Autumn 2017 Gibberd
Summer 2017 Barnard

Saunders cup for overall highest attendance 

2017 Gibberd  
2016 Gibberd  
2015 Moore  
2014 Moore  
2013 Fawbert  

Trustees Trophy for overall best house

2017 Fawbert
2016 Gibberd
2015 Gibberd
2014 Barnard