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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life


At the heart of our curriculum are the core subjects of English, Mathematics & Science. We also truly value our wider curriculum, covering all other National Curriculum subjects. This wider curriculum is organised into discrete subject specific work taught as stand-alone units of learning and cross-curricular learning where meaningful links can be made with other subjects that help secure prior learning or develop learning further. All topics will have an entry based ‘hook’ to excite and engage the children and a purpose for study so that learning is meaningful and relevant for them. Where possible, learning will be supported and enriched by visits, workshops, artefact boxes, role-play and practical resources. Progression of knowledge, skills and understanding is carefully planned, reviewed and adapted yearly to ensure that children’s learning builds effectively over time to ensure children are ready to meet the expectations of secondary school. Teachers will be self-reflective and will enhance their teaching skills and strategies to help raise standards across the full breadth of the curriculum. 

Curriculum Implementation

  1. To provide a creative, broad and balanced curriculum, designed to extend the children's knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live.
  2. To deliver a curriculum that is responsive to meet the needs of all children in our school.
  3. To develop children’s values, habits and skills through cross-curricular learning so they are ready to achieve success in a fast-changing world of new technology, innovation and ideas.
  4. To provide a programme for the systematic development of the basic skills of communication, reading, writing and maths.
  5. To engage children’s interest through memorable learning experiences that are inspiring, active and fun and that have a sense of purpose and relevance.
  6. To provide challenge appropriate to the age and ability of the individual, so that every child can achieve progress, competence, satisfaction and success.