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Hello all

Tomorrow is the children's first day of school lunches (very exciting). So I thought I'd give you a few details of how it is run...

The children are taken over to the hall by myself and Mrs Forth.  They take their water bottles to the hall so that they can have a drink.  They sit straight down at one of our 3 Reception tables if they are a packed lunch.  If they are a school dinner they line up at the hatch.  One at a time the children collect their dinner on a tray which has their cutlery on it and they then sit down.  Once finished, the children clear their plates and are then taken out to play on the playground outside Year 2.   An adult sees the children across the footpath and the gates are closed at all times.  Mrs Forth supervises the children during lunch play.  The children return to the classroom from lunch at 1pm.  

Whilst the children are only at school for mornings and lunch I will remain with them for the whole of lunch to support them settling into their lunchtime routine.  

I hope this give you an insight into their lunchtime routine.

Mrs Jackson


Hello all

It was so lovely to have all 31 children together on Friday morning.  It was great to see them making friends and getting to know one another.  I was SO IMPRESSED with the way the children came in during the morning.  They were so confident and grown up - walking up the ramp on their own after a cuddle and a kiss with their adult at the bottom. Adults thank you for your support with this. 

 Just a reminder that our slot for the mornings is 8:45-8:55.  There were lots of really enthusiastic families arriving well before our slot which is wonderful to see but we must keep to our time slot to avoid lots of adults being on our school grounds and walking up the narrow footpath all at once.  

This week the children are at school for morning sessions Monday to Thursday (collection 11:50-12:00).  On Friday the children will stay for lunch and collection times are 1:10-1:20.

Please can I also remind you that the children need to have a water bottle in school every day and this must be filled with water (not juice). Their bottles are stored in a large box in the classroom and they have access to it all day.  We will begin by encouraging the children to have a drink but we do teach them that if they are thirsty, they should get their bottle and have a drink without an adult prompt.

Finally, as always parents, we need your help!  We get through a lot of resources in Reception and if you have any of the following either now or during the course of the year we would be grateful to receive them...

  • cardboard boxes and packaging for junk modelling
  • tyres
  • cable drums
  • guttering
  • buttons
  • corks
  • beads 
  • oddments of material
  • ribbon
  • wrapping paper
  • cards
  • wallpaper rolls
  • wool
  • unwanted toy cars
  • magnets

Many thanks

Mrs Jackson


Hello Reception 2020!

I hope you've all had a wonderful summer.  We are very excited to see you all this week and start your child's school journey at F&B!

If anyone has forgotten which afternoon is their child's settling in session then please look at the SEPTEMBER 2020 RECEPTION ADMISSIONS link on the left hand side of this page.  All details are there. 

For the settling afternoon session please bring your child into the reception outdoor area, get them settled at an activity and make your way to the hall where you will have a chance to meet our headteacher, Mrs Spearman and a member of the governors.  There will be plenty of staff members to point you in the right direction if you are not sure where to go!  Please also remember to maintain 2m social distancing whilst in the outdoor area and the hall.

When you collect your child at the end of their settling in session you will collect them from the other side of the building (where the ramps are).  This will be the door the children will usually come in and be dismissed from. 

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you and your child next week.

Mrs Jackson

Class Teacher


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