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Hello all

Just to let you know we are hosting a Chinese New Year celebration with Harlowbury Reception class on Monday morning (All being well Covid wise - if Harlowbury's numbers are high we will celebrate it ourselves as a class).  We will be creating some crafts, sharing snack and playing with our guests in our outdoor area.  There will not be any impact on the children's lunch arrangements  - just wanted to let you know!

Miss Youngman


Dear Parents,

You may be aware, we recently changed phonics schemes and we are now using 'Essential Letters and Sounds'. The children seem to be really enjoying these sessions in class. We have been sticking the children's log in into the front of their reading records as they have come into school this week. If your child has still not received a log in please send their reading records into school and we will send them home. I have 'assigned' a book that uses the sounds we have been practising in phonics over the past couple of weeks. All children have been assigned the same e-book as all children have had the same phonics teaching. Please could you log in with your children and have a look? I believe, to access the book I have assigned there should be a 'homework' tab once the children log in to their account. Please remember this is a new system for all of us and so I am no expert but I thought I'd give it a go to see if we could get up and running with it in Reception sooner rather than later :) Any constructive feedback is more than welcome as we all get used to using the new system! :) The e-books will not replace but will complement the books the children are already bring home from the reading scheme.  The children are expected to read these books 4 times during the week.

Kind regards,

Miss Youngman




Please see below a free app that is fantastic for support children's maths learning.



Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break.  Thank you so much for all our generous gifts before the holidays.  We are very grateful.

We have hit the ground running since coming back and normal service has been resumed. The children resettled beautifully after their longest break since starting school, and it's like we've never been off!

Just to let you know I have updated the children's homework to reflect our new topic this half-term which is 'Snow and Ice'.  I would like to remind you that children should be reading their reading books at home regularly and rereading them a few times for fluency. I noticed before the Christmas break that this had slipped, so I would really like to encourage you to listen to your child read as often as possible.  Like with anything, the more they practise, the better they become.

Many thanks

Miss Youngman


Hi all

Following on from our 'meet the teacher meeting' on Friday I would like to share the following link with you which explains the EYFS curriculum.

Many thanks

Miss Youngman


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