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Sorry!! I forgot to send home the class photo today.  I will send it home tomorrow!



Hello everyone

I have uploaded the children's summer term homework onto the homework section of this page.  One of the most vital parts of the children's homework is to read regularly at home - ideally for a few minutes everyday.  I have noticed recently that, as a class, the children have not been doing this and the number of children we have changing their books has significantly declined since we have come back from lock down.  I completely understand that it is another thing to try and squeeze into busy family life but even 5 minutes a day will make a big difference.  Children at the end of Reception are expected to...

  • Say a sound for each letter in the alphabet and at least 10 digraphs.
  • Read words consistent with their phonic knowledge by sound-blending.
  • Read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge, including some common exception words. 

We listen to the every child read in school once a week but this alone will not support them enough.  We really need your help with regular practise at home.  I have told the children today that I do not expect them to read their whole book in one go, just a few pages every night is better than nothing.  I have told the children that if they read their books and need them changing the will move their pegs up and get 2 tokens (they were very excited by this).

Thank you again for your continued support

Mrs Jackson



Hello everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and managed to have a good rest. I hope the Easter Bunny visited you all and brought lots of chocolate.  I wanted to say a very big thank you for my beautiful flowers.  It was very kind and thoughtful of you all.

Our outdoor area has had something of a 'glow up' over the break and we now have some lovely new flooring to help make our area more accessible all year round.  I can't wait to see it tomorrow with you all.  Our topic this term is 'Let's Grow'.  Our plan for the topic will be available on the 'Reception Curriculum' section on this page shortly.  

I cannot believe it's our last term together in Reception!  Let's hope it is less eventful than the Spring term and Covid stays well out of our way!

See you all tomorrow

Mrs Jackson




Hello everyone

What a busy half term! Just a reminder that our dressing up day for our topic is this Thursday.  Please remember no accessorises such as swords, jewellery etc.  

We are sending PE kits home today for their half term wash.  Please, please, please can you check all items of clothing for names.  We have lots of clothes on our ramp without a name in it so we have been unable to reunited these with your child.  

If your child has had a toileting accident in school recently can you please return any borrowed underwear/clothing.  We are running very low!

Many thanks

Mrs Jackson



Hello everyone

We are very excited to welcome the children back tomorrow! 

A date for the diary - to celebrate the end of our current topic 'Once upon a time' we are going to be having a dressing up day on Thursday 25th March.  The children can dress up as their favourite traditional tale character.  The children will complete their learning activities as usual so please can we ask that accessories such as swords, shields, jewellery etc are not brought into school.

Mrs Jackson


Well that's it...We made it! Well done parents, carers, grandparents and everyone else in our extended Reception family that helped to support our lovely 31 children through 8 weeks of remote learning.  I am so proud of you all and we cannot wait to welcome you back to school next week.  Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs Jackson, Miss Shillingford and Miss Forth.



Reading Eggs

Our current subscription to Reading Eggs has now expired and we have no plans to renew it at the present time. 

The children will be returning to school next week so will be able to access school reading books, but in the meantime, please access some of the other online books whilst in this last week of remote learning. As I mentioned at the start of term there are other websites that provide access to online books for the children to read, and I have copied the links again below.

Oxford Owl for Home: help your child learn at home | Oxford Owl

Stories for kids online and fun games to play | BookTrust

Virtual School Library | Oak Academy (

Don't forget to also access the World Book Day website to engage with lots of fun reading activities and resources.

Events (

Happy Reading!

Nancy Nicolson

English Lead


Reading Support

During this period of remote learning it is important that you continue supporting your child with their reading.

In Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 this can be sitting with your child and listening to them read. Ideally you should try and do this every day even if it is just for 5-10 minutes. It will help you all to keep structure and routines going which we know is good for our mental health.

With the older children it may not be necessary to hear them read as frequently, and so just catching up with them every few days about what they are reading would be a great idea. You can either listen to them read or get them to tell you what they have been reading and ask them questions. You could ask them:-

Are they enjoying the book? Why?

What do they think might happen next?

What has been the most/least favourite part so far?

Who are the characters? Tell me about them/him/her/it?

Have they read any other books by this author?

Which one of their friends would enjoy this book? Why?


Talking about a book is a great way to see how much your child has understood and engaged with the text.

We know that you may not have reading books at home that your child can access but there are several online sites that you can look at.


The Oxford Owl website has an online library of e-books that your child can read. We used this website during the first lockdown and you should be able to register for free and access appropriate books for your child.

Oxford Owl for Home: help your child learn at home | Oxford Owl


You can select age appropriate books by either selecting the age of your child or if you use the Levels drop down bar you can select the book band that your child is on. If you are unsure check with your child as they should know, but if they have forgotten then email the class teacher and they will let you know.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 still have access to Reading Eggs until the end of February. Your child can use this resource independently, but I think it would be good to listen to them read where you can. As the children become more confident with their reading, they should be accessing the Reading Eggspress site which gives them books they can read and quizzes once they have read the book. You should be able to find it on the home screen.

Each child should have their login but if you are unable to find it please email the class teacher.


Children in Year 4 and some children in Year 5 have access to Lexia which is an online reading site which supports the reading curriculum. Your child should have their own login. Please contact the class teacher if they do not know it.

There are many other online reading sites that you can access and it is good to explore them with your child. The Book Trust provides books that children can read along with

 Stories for kids online and fun games to play | BookTrust

If you find any useful ones please share them with each other and let us know.

We will continue to update you where we can when we find helpful resources that will support children with reading at home.

The homework for this time of remote learning is just focused on reading so please make sure your child reads as frequently as they can. Reading is a key skill and is so crucial; it is more important than ever that we encourage our children to read and love books. Try and make the reading experience as positive as possible and please do let the class teacher know if you are having any difficulties engaging your child or accessing texts and resources.

Nancy Nicolson

English Lead


Here are the stories we have had so far:

Fix it duck - Prerecorded

Meg and Mog - prerecorded

Owl babies - prerecorded

When the Dragons Came

Jack Frost

Dinosaurs love underpants

Stinky sprouts!

How to catch a star

Pirates love underpants

The Very Lazy Ladybird

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

The Smartest Giant in Town

Harry and the dinosaurs at the museum

Nighty Night

Once upon a tide

Handa's surprise

Winnie's Pirate Adventure

Aliens in underpants save the world

Handa's Surprise

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