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Hello all

As part of our literacy work on 'Supertato' we are going to be making traps to catch the Evil Pea. Could you please send in any junk modelling bits such as cereal boxes asap so that we can use them to make our creations?

Many thanks 



Hello everyone

As part of our topic work on our environment we are going to be going litter picking around Chippingfield between 9:30 and 10:30 this morning.  Nothing for you to do - just an FYI.

Many thanks

Miss Youngman



Hello all

As part of our work on the Queen's Jubilee next week we are going to be looking at the most recent decade of her rein 2012-2022.  One of the most exciting events that happened during this time is our lovely class were born! We would like to make some family trees as part of our learning so please can you send some photos in by Monday of the children when they were born and any close family members e.g. parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles etc.  We are excited to share our learning with you on Wednesday afternoon.

Many thanks

Miss Youngman



Hello all

The children's Summer term homework has been put onto the homework section of this page.

We are going to be going to the school library every Friday afternoon.  I know some children have library books from library club so can these please be brought into school on Friday so we can start changing them.  If your child has never had a school library book they will be issued their first one on Friday.  

Please note the children need to look after their books - lost and damaged books are charge for.

Our topic for the whole of the Summer term is Let's Grow.  Details about what we are covering during this topic will be uploaded onto the website in the need week or so.

Many thanks

Miss Youngman


Thank you to those who were able to attend our Phonics workshop this morning.  This was recorded and is available by clicking the link below for those who missed the session or want to recap.

Phonics workshop




Please see below a free app that is fantastic for support children's maths learning.


Hi all

Following on from our 'meet the teacher meeting' on Friday I would like to share the following link with you which explains the EYFS curriculum.

Many thanks

Miss Youngman


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