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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Reception Curriculum

This half term our topic is Superheroes! We will be working on the following:


Getting to know our new friends and their names.  

Learning the new rules and routines of 'big school'.

Developing our independence e.g. getting my own water bottle out of my bag.

Communication and Language 

Ask questions relevant to the topic.

Listen to and talk about stories.

Physical development

Develop fine motor skills so that they can use a range of tools effectively e.g. scissors, knives, balls.

Manage personal hygiene.


Recogning and writing my own name.

Develop their phonological awareness, so that I can:

  • -  spot and suggest rhymes

  • -  count or clap syllables in a word

  • -  recognise words with the same initial sound, such as money and mother


Link numerals and amounts: for example, showing the right number of objects to match the numeral, up to 5.

Compare quantities using language: ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’.

Understanding the world

Show interest in different occupations.

Talk about members of their immediate family and community.

Explore the natural world around them.

Expressive art and design

Draw with increasing complexity and detail, such as representing a face with a circle and including details.

Use drawing to represent ideas like movement or loud noises.

Show different emotions in their drawings and paintings, like happiness, sadness, fear etc.