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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

September 2018 Reception Admissions

We are pleased to  be welcoming you to Fawbert & Barnard's in September either as a new or existing family.  We look forward to your child starting their educational journey with us.

There are several stages involved in making the admission process a successful transition in your child's life and we are sure you will agree how important it is to try to make this as smooth as possible.

When communicating with parents, we aim to be as paper-free as possible.  Therefore, please have a look around all areas of this website, in particular items on this class page and items on the school information tab above.

We have invited you and your child to attend our Pre-school visit and induction talk on Tuesday 19 June 2018.  Please see our letter dated 10 May 2018 for more information and ensure that the attached papers are return to us by Tuesday 5 June 2018.

At this meeting your child will be issued with a Starter Box that your child is asked to decorate and fill with a few special things and bring with them on their first day of school.  These will be used to help children tell adults in the school and their classmates about themselves.  

Please see below some further useful information and attachments.

Our induction and admission timetable is as follows:

Date Event What you need to do
By Tuesday 5 June 2018  

Complete and return pupil information forms and current Nursery details.

Familiarise yourself with our website

Weeks beginning
11 and 18 June 2018
Nursery visits A member of our teaching team will visit the nurseries where most of the incoming children are placed.  This gives staff the opportunity to see them in familiar surroundings

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Please arrive at 1:15 pm for a 1:30 start. 

Pre-school visit and induction talk A member of staff will meet you in our main playground to escort you and your child to the classroom.  Once you have dropped your child off, please make your way to the hall for the induction talk.  This will be your only opportunity to hear the important information that will be shared regarding the aims and organisation of the school; the phased admission arrangements; ways you can help prepare your child for school and introduction talks by our Headteacher; Office Staff; one of our Governors; School Nurse and a member of our Friends Association.
Wednesday 5 -
Friday 7 September 2018
Home Visits Our Reception team will visit you and your child at home for 20 minutes to get to know you both a little better in your own surroundings. The meetings also provide an opportunity to share information, ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. 
We ask you to make every effort to be available at the agreed time.
Monday 10 September 2018 First session in school We have a phased admission period in September which helps the children to settle.  A timetable is attached below and will be discussed further at the induction meeting.
Thursday 20 September 2018 at 9:00 am Class Meeting Once all the children have settled in, there will be a meeting to discuss class routines and expectations in more detail.  All classes have a meeting like this at the beginning of each year.  Look out for details of the meeting on the Reception class page.