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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Sports Premium Grant


At Fawbert and Barnard's we pride ourselves in our sporting success, the quality of our PE curriculum, the wealth of opportunities given to pupils to participate in competitive sports and games and the range of extra-curricular sports clubs offered to all children.

We are very proud of the amount of PE and sport that is taught with such enthusiasm from our teachers and sports coaches. Because of this success we have seen a vast improvement in our children's attainment in PE, overall physical development, healthy lifestyles and the ability to reach the performance levels they are capable of both in and outside of school in regards to sporting event success.

Fawbert and Barnard's are proud to have been awarded the School Games Gold Kitemark Award for the past 2 years. The Kitemark, a nationally recognised award, rewards schools for their commitment to, and development of, PE, school sports clubs and competition

Our aims are to:

Further develop the skills of our school staff so that the quality of PE and sport that is delivered will be enhanced.

To promote the ethos that all children benefit regardless of sporting ability.

Set up and run at least one Change for Life club to support and engage the less active children.

Increase the amount of competitive sport in which our children participate.

Increase pupils' participation in the School Games through continued subscription and membership of the Harlow School Sports Partnership.

Make links to other community sports providers - encourage pupils to join out-of-school sports clubs.

Encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport - through sports leader initiative.

Purchase equipment to offer access to new sports and activities as and when required.

What is the school’s allocation for 2018-19?

This academic year the school will receive £17,810 

How is the allocation going to be spent this year?

We continue to be a member of Harlow School Sports Partnership to promote participation (£1,000)

We employ a specialist teacher for 1/2 day a week to work with teachers to develop subject knowledge, skills and confidence; to coach and supervise pupils at festivals; to run free Change for Life clubs (£4,472)

Contribution to replacement of the trimtrail and soft surface in the meadow (£7,000)

Balance remaining to be allocated: £5,338

What was the school’s allocation for 2017-18?

Last academic year the school received £17,810.

How was the allocation spent last year?

The school continued to be a member of Harlow School Sports Partnership to promote and increase participation (£1,000)

We employed a specialist teacher for 1/2 day a week to work with teachers to develop subject knowledge, skills and confidence; to coach and supervise pupils at festivals; to run free Change for Life clubs (£4,472)

We ran two walking buses for a term and one walking bus all year (£750)

We purchased additional games equipment for lunchtimes (£300)

We increased staff leadership of lunchtime games by employing TAs to supervise outside activities (£1,500)

We introduced Real Play sessions by training staff and purchasing resources (£1,000)

We replaced our trimtrail and soft surface in the meadow (£8,788 contribution this f/y to total cost of £21,000)

Of the 29 children who left at the end of year 6, 20 could swim at least 25 metres on their front and back.

What was the impact of this expenditure?

We increased the school’s participation in school sports, games and festivals.  Pupils received high quality coaching from the specialist teacher.  In 2017/18, we took part in 18 festivals organised by the partnership:
7 of these were attended by whole classes
8 were attended by two teams
3 were attended by one team

You can read the write-ups from these events in 'Latest news'

Staff, in particular our 4 NQTs, benefited from professional development opportunities working alongside the specialist teacher. Evaluation comments from teachers included that their confidence had increased, organisation of PE lessons had improved and their ideas for activities had improved.  All teachers retain responsibility for teaching an element of PE each term, thus providing opportunities to apply and embed their learning.

Children have been more involved in active play in lunchtime games through the leadership of TAs and purchasing new equipment.  Real Play sessions for invited participants promoted active play and healthy lifestyles.

Children continue to participate in the walking bus which promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

The School Council enjoyed being involved in choosing the equipment for the new trimtrail.  The work was finished in the summer term.  The climbing wall and monkey bars will develop children's upper body strength.

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