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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Sports Premium Grant

Our Intent for Sport at Fawbert & Barnard’s Primary School

At Fawbert and Barnard's we pride ourselves on our sporting success, the quality of our PE curriculum, the wealth of opportunities given to pupils to participate in competitive sports and games and the range of extra-curricular sports clubs offered to all children. We believe that every child matters and they should experience a range of sports, opportunities to represent the school in festivals and competitions and to be proud to be part of our school. 

We are very proud of the amount of PE and sport that is taught with such enthusiasm from our teachers. Because of this success, we have seen a vast improvement in our children's attainment in PE, overall physical development, healthy lifestyles and the ability to reach the performance levels they are capable of both in and outside of school in regards to sporting event success.

Fawbert and Barnard's are proud to have been awarded the School Games platinum award. The Kitemark, a nationally recognised award, rewards schools for their commitment to, and development of, PE, school sports clubs and competition. 

Our aims for Sports at Fawbert and Barnard’s and how we will implement actions to attain them in the coming year

  • Embed a range of sporting lessons from our new curriculum to ensure children experience different types of sporting and health and fitness activities to continue to an independent healthy individual beyond school

New training techniques, resources and planning is shared with staff to continue to develop the teachers understanding of physical health and fitness. This includes coaching from both the PE coordinator and external providers to support staff in learning different sporting events.

We want to ensure our PE curriculum: 

  •  promotes the ethos that all children can benefit regardless of sporting ability.
    • We will provide sports clubs that all children are welcome to apply to allowing all children access to extra-curricular sports.
    • As a school we will bring a range of teams and children to events as this will allow all children to aspire to compete.
    • At some events the school will run multiple teams varying in ability, so all children can compete.
    • Activities in lessons will build on a skills' basis, so all children can access sports at Fawbert & Barnard’s at varying abilities.
  • Set up and run a Change for Life ethos to support and engage the less active children. This is promoted during lunch times with our play leaders supporting children, and staff oversee this to ensure engagement continues to thrive. This is closely monitored to ensure all children are being active throughout the week.
  • Increase the amount of competitive sport in which our children participate.
    • We will attend as many festivals, from the Harlow Schools Sports Partnership, against other schools within the town for the children to compete. Every child from Year 1 upwards will be offered the chance to represent the school. 
    • Attending a range of sports will allow a variety of children to attend and broaden our competitive base.
    • We will teach a wide range of sports in PE lessons so the children are prepared for the competition at festivals.
    • We will celebrate both our achievements and our participation as a whole school.
  • Increase pupils' participation in the School Games through continued subscription and membership of the Harlow School Sports Partnership.
    • We will bring a mixture of boys and girls to the sporting festivals to provide a set of role models for the other children in the class.
    • Practising in class PE lessons will allow the teachers to select from a wide pool of children and a future aim will be for as high a percentage of children to have attended tournaments.
    • We will make an active effort to attend tournaments and festivals that we have not participated in previously.
  • Make links to other community sports providers - encourage pupils to join out-of-school sports clubs.
    • We will be reaching out to adults linked to the school: parents, volunteers, governors, teachers etc who can provide links with other sports clubs.
    • As a school our leadership will contact nearby sports clubs and enquire whether an extra-curricular sports club can be run in school.
  • Encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport - through sports leader initiative.
    • We will use sports leaders to run the Sports Day in summer term.
    • During lessons children will show leadership by leading teams, encouraging others and providing advice.
    • At break and lunchtime the play leaders will get equipment out and play games to show how to use the equipment sensibly.
  • Purchase equipment to offer access to new sports and activities as and when required.
    • The play leaders, teachers, leadership of the school and club leaders will tell the subject lead whether they require additional equipment.
    • If a class is teaching a new sport then all equipment necessary to teach the skills and competitive aspects of that sport will be purchased through the Sports Premium fund.


Finally, we have moved to a new model of swimming where we focus on ensuring that all children leave our school meeting the national standard of 25m front crawl, 10m or more on a different stroke as well as water safety. This model is being implemented in 2023 and will continue to see children being assessed regularly and have swimming lessons throughout their time at school to reach the national standard. 

Click below to see our PE documents. 

Evidencing the impact of the Primary PE and Sports Premium 2022-2023