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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life


At Fawbert and Barnard’s Primary School, we have a real commitment to listening to the views of our students, and the Council plays a vital role in this. The Council has its own committee structure. This experience is an important part of our commitment to prepare students for life after school and to function as confident citizens in society.

Fawbert and Barnard’s  Student Council is an elected group of students who create and generate new ideas on how they can improve the school for the future. The council is made up of 3 representatives from each year group and is then subdivided into sub- committees:

  • Curriculum and well-being,
  • Fundraising
  • Environment

Each sub- committee is led by a Year 6 Student Leader and the Council is chaired and led by the chairperson of the school.

Within their committees, students discuss how changes can take place and who is best to implement them. The Council then chooses the best ideas and tries to ensure that they are achieved in the course of the school year.

Being on the Student Council is an honour and enables students to take on a role of responsibility from as early as Year 2. Through their representatives, all students are able to voice their opinions about their school and be heard.

The Student Council Committees:

Curriculum and well-being Committee: This group focuses on what is being taught in our school and has input with new ways children learn as well as focusing on wellbeing and mental health.

The Curriculum and well-being Committee members are:

Y6  Lead member - Lilly M

Y5- Charlie D

Y4- Poppy P 

Y3- Gracie C

Y2 - Josh S


Fundraising Committee: This group organises and arranges fund raising events, such as concerts, and sponsored events. They try to raise money both for the school and charitable causes.

The Fundraising Committee members are:

Y6  Lead member - Daisy H

Y5- Lottie H

Y4- Billy B-D

Y3- Alan T

Y2 - Charlotte D


Environment Committee: This group helps to ensure the day to day running of the school minimises impact to the environment. They will consider resources being used in the school as well as improvements to our woodland areas and playgrounds.  

The Environment Committee members are:

Y6  Lead member- Josh O

Y5- Amelia H

Y4- Mannan S

Y3- Lyla-Mae W

Y2 - Joe S

Students should contact their year representatives if they have a suggestion to make or wish to raise an issue for the Council to discuss.