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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life


It is the policy of the school that the pupils should wear school uniform.  We are proud of our school and the feeling of family identity that we have.  Not only does a school uniform give a smart appearance, it adds to that sense of corporate identity.  More information can be found in our school uniform policy by clicking here.

All items, plain and those with the school logo are usually available to purchase from the following (please click on the red links):

Top Form in the Stow, Harlow 
UES - My Clothing / Price List / Poster / website
School Trends

Stikins name labels from labelplanet

Harlow Community School Uniform Exchange are offering high quality used school uniform items at a minimum cost - please see flyer at the bottom of this page for more details.

All our uniform items can be plain or with the school logo.  If your child has a school responsibility of School Councillor, Prefect or House Captain please have 1 logo item to wear when representing the school.


Navy cardigan / jumper (optional with logo in white) 
Navy fleece (optional) with logo in white 
White shirt/ blouse or Polo top (optional with logo in blue)
Grey or Navy trousers
Grey or Navy skirt or pinafore dress                         
Navy, grey or white tights / socks
Black school shoes, ankle boots or plain black trainers - All school shoes should have a buckle, laces, Velcro or elastic straps and not be open toed for health and safety reasons.  Black ankle boots with a low heel are the only boots allowed.


Light blue school dress, checked or stripped
Jumpsuits in light blue can be worn, but pupils must be able to remove them, unaided
Grey or Navy school shorts


At Fawbert and Barnard’s Primary School, we have PE on Mondays and Fridays for Years 1 to 6. On Monday’s and Friday’s, children must come to school in their PE uniform dressed appropriately for the weather conditions for the whole day. EYFS will have a different day, depending on the class teachers decision and time of the year – please visit the class page for details on when EYFS must come to school in PE clothing.

The PE Kits consists of:

Navy shorts
White polo shirts – optional with logo
Navy jogging bottoms and sweatshirt (no hood) or
Navy tracksuit (no hood) with school logo optional
Plimsolls or trainers (for outside activities)

P.E. Trainers
To support parents/carers financially, we recognise the benefits of children having one pair of trainers for combined use at home and for School P.E. days. Therefore, we do not require P.E. trainers to be black or plain in design in the same way as shoes worn as part of school uniform. However, trainers must still be suitable for physical education so must be comfortable for full day wear, protective for active feet/use in games/sports and have no parts that could harm children/distract children from learning, such as lights.

Please ensure that each article of clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Sporting Fixtures and Events

The school have several kits for our sporting events and items of clothing will be lent to pupils.  This will involve signing out the kit and then signing it back once it has been washed and returned.

We hope that by using a school kit the children will arrive at events looking smart and consistent and will be provided to be representing Fawbert & Barnard’s Primary School.


Navy or blue hairbands, clips etc should be discreet designs and only used in order to keep hair in place.

Extremes of haircut/hairstyle are not permitted.  Long hair should be tied back using items as noted above.


No jewellery is permitted during the school day.  It is not necessary and is easily lost or broken, causing distress or possible injury.  So please, no earrings, studs, rings, signet rings or chains.

Any child entering school with jewellery of any kind will be asked to remove it.  The piercing of ears should be scheduled for the beginning of the summer holidays to enable them to heal in time, so they can be removed before returning in September. 

Children are permitted to wear a simple watch that only tell time and do not distract the child/other children from their learning during the day, but this needs to be removed for PE lessons and is the child's responsibility to store it safely in their bag.


There is no need for children to bring in pencil cases as the school provides everything they need.  


All children will be required to have a school bag, brought to school each day. Due to limited storage space, we ask parents to purchase sensibly sized bags appropriate to the requirements for their child’s school use. We do have a logo bag available from Top Form, but this is optional.


The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of pupils.  Parents are advised to make their own insurance arrangements to cover loss or damage.


All lost property is placed in the cupboard in the school hall foyer.  You can look in here every day between 8:45-9:00 am and 3:00-3:30 pm to reclaim any lost item.  Any unclaimed and unmarked articles will then be disposed of into the school’s recycling system.