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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life


It is the policy of the school that the pupils should wear school uniform.  We are proud of our school and the feeling of family identity that we have.  Not only does a school uniform give a smart appearance, it adds to that sense of corporate identity.  The uniform is based on the school colours of red and navy blue.

All items, plain and those with the school logo are usually available to purchase from the following (please click on the red links):

Top Form in the Stow, Harlow 
Tesco  (price list)
School Trends

Stikins name labels from labelplanet




White/Sky blue shirt/polo shirt


Navy blue and red striped tie (optional)

Black/Grey/Navy trousers (no track suit bottoms)

Navy/Red pullover or Navy/Red school sweatshirt

Black/Grey/Navy socks

Black shoes or plain black trainers


White/Sky blue blouse/polo shirt

Navy blue and red striped tie (optional)

Black/Grey/Navy knee length skirt/pinafore

Black/Grey/Navy trousers (no leggings)

Navy/Red pullover/cardigan or Navy/Red school sweatshirt

Black/Grey/Navy/White socks/tights

Flat Black shoes



White/Sky blue shirt/polo shirt

Black/Grey/Navy shorts/trousers

Black shoes or dark sandals - No open toed sandals please – socks should be worn with sandals


White/Sky blue Blouse/polo shirt

Black/Grey/Navy knee length skirt

Blue & white or Red & white check/stripe knee length dress

Black/Grey/Navy/White socks

Flat black shoes/sandals - No open toed sandals please – socks should be worn with sandals

PE Kit



Red T-shirt

Black/Navy shorts

Black/Navy tracksuit with school logo (optional)

Black plimsolls

Trainers for games


Red T-shirt

Black/Navy shorts

Black/Navy PE skirts for games only

Black/Navy  tracksuit with school logo (optional)

Black plimsolls

Trainers for games

Please ensure that each article of clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Classes have some physical activity most days, so suitable clothing should always be at school preferably in a named PE bag. A PE bag with the school logo can be purchased from the previously mentioned shop.  The bag should be taken home at least every half term so that the kit can be washed.

Extremes of haircut/hairstyle and unsuitable shoes or the wearing of boots are not permitted.  Long hair should be tied back.


No jewellery is permitted during the school day.  It is not necessary and is easily lost or broken, causing distress or possible injury.  So please, no earrings, studs, rings, signet rings, chains or watches.

Any child entering school with jewellery of any kind will be asked to remove it.  The piercing of ears should be scheduled for the beginning of the summer holidays to enable them to heal in time so they can be removed before returning in September.  Our full policy is available for anyone wishing to see it in more detail.


Children from Y2 may bring a sensible-sized pencil case to school.  Please do not send gel pens.


A sensible sized bag may be brought to school.  Our cloakrooms are small and there is not enough space for large rucksacks.  A book bag should be sufficient.  Again, these can be purchased from Top Form.


The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of pupils.  Parents are advised to make their own insurance arrangements to cover loss or damage.


All lost property will be collected together and will be on display in the playground every Friday from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm.  Any unclaimed and unmarked articles will then be disposed of into the school’s recycling system.