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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y1 Curriculum

Tuesday 19th April 

Below, you will find a brief description of our Summer 1 2022 curriculum. 


We will be deepening our understanding on traditional tales. This half-term we will be learning about traditional stories from other cultures and traditional tales with a twist. We will continue to explore characters, settings and language in traditional tales as well as the structure of stories and use this to write our own traditional tales. Our continued focus is the use of capital letters for the beginning of sentences and names and using punctuation marks at the end of sentences.  


We will be continuing to learn new phase 5 graphemes (sounds written down) and new sounds for known graphemes as well as new harder to read and spell words. We will continue to focus on differentiating between b and d, as well as i and j, many children are still confusing these in their writing and some in their reading.   


During Summer 1, we are going to develop our number skills learning numbers beyond 50 up to 100 understanding how they are formed, breaking them down into tens and ones. WE are going to continue to focus on numbers bonds to 20 understanding the symbols of adding, subtracting and the equals symbol. We will be focusing on number formation and presentation in our books ensuring children can confidentially use a ruler and layout their workings correctly.  We will be doing our daily mastering number programme using our rekenreks.  


We will revisit vocabulary such as daffodil, bud and blossom, as well as the names of some wild and garden plants such as daisy, dandelion, sunflower and lavender. We will continue to learn about the changing seasons and how the temperature, plants and daylight.  


This half term, our topic is geography based however, we are going to be looking at key events that have happened around the world during our lifetime such as the Olympics, changes in leaders around the world and the impact of covid and how far it has spread over time. Our focus is changes that have happened during our time life. Additionally, we will be looking at old and new and comparing them.  


For the next half terms, we will be continuing to focus on our amazing world. We will be looking at the seven continents in our world and our oceans. We will then focus on our country and key parts of our country and the UK. We will identify neighbour countries and oceans. We will recap the compass points and think about major cities around the world. We will spend more time thinking about the seasons and differences within the continents identifying what the weather is like and what animals may live there because of this.  


Our new art skill this half term is painting (sorry in advance for the washing – we always do our best with aprons!). The children will learn about primary and secondary colours. The children will be taught how to use a paintbrush properly and paint from observation. We will be using poster paint. Our focus artists are Henri Matisse and Janet Bell.  


Our focus this whole term will be food preparation. Children will learn to identify some fruits and vegetables including learning about where they come from (not the supermarket!). We will learn basic food hygiene, safety and preparation rules and skills. The children will work towards making a fruit dish.  


During PE this half term (which is on a Monday and a Friday) we will be focusing on athletics skills and dance. On a Monday, we will be learning athletics skills including running, jumping and skipping ready for sports day. We will begin to think about moving directions in straight lines as well as being able to balance and work together as a team. 

We will also continue to develop our gymnastics skills. We will be using apparatus to explore movement and balances. We will also be refining our roll techniques.  

Wellbeing (PSHE)  

We will be revisiting the importance of rules and the situations that we need rules. Children will learn about the importance of rules on the internet such as age restrictions. We will also begin to learn about taking responsibility for looking after our environment and planet. The children will learn about reduce, reuse and recycle and what they can do within those ideas to make a difference. 


This half term we are going to continue to play untuned percussion instruments focusing on how to play to a beat and create a rhythmic pattern and pulse. We will focus on music around the world and how it is different. Children will continue to create their own note taking to help them recall a music pattern. We will be focusing on pulse and pitch.  


This half term we will begin to look at some basic coding. We will begin to understand the concept of an algorithm – a given set of instructions. We will use variety of apps and robots to demonstrate this. Children will learn to use key phrases including turning and moving forward and backwards slowly building up to creating a set of instructions through coding.  


We will be continuing to learn about features of religion such as praying and festivals starting with Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. We will go on to learn about rituals within religion and how this is different to routines.