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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y1 Curriculum

Your Child’s Learning This Half Term Autumn 2 2023

Here is an overview of what your child we will be learning this half term. 

AUTUMN 2 2023





This term we are still focussing on basic skills for writing a sentence including, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will work on using appropriately sized handwriting and encourage the children to use their phonic knowledge and segmenting skills to write words that they are not familiar with.  Correcting the spelling of harder to read words will also be a focus. As the term progresses, we will look at writing questions and the use of question marks in our writing and begin to think about extending our sentences using the conjunctionn and.  We will also have a week of poetry on our return from half term.


In phonics we will continue our daily lessons, and will complete the phase 5 sounds by the end of the term.  We will also continue to learn the harder to read words.


We will introduce reading comprehension lessons, which will require the children to answer simple questions about books we have just read and other simple texts.


We will start our focus on multiplication and division.  We will learn to count in twos and fives and look at doubling numbers. We will then look briefly at fractions, recognising and half and a quarter of a shape.  Following this, we will look at measuring in practical lessons and then move on to shapes, looking at 2D and 3D shapes.  Geometry will be covered in our coding lessons in computing.


Our main topic this half term is based on the school which was set up in the Victorian Era. We will look at the similarities and differences between Victorian schools and school life today.  We will look at various artefacts such as chalk boards, desks, building etc.  Children will write a questionnaire about school life (English link) that they can give to their grandparents or other older relatives.


In science we will spend some time looking at the seasons with a focus on Autumn. We will also learn about and identify deciduous and evergreen trees. We will then return to our topic on animals including humans.  This is a huge subject and there is a lot for the children to remember, so we will be revising this again.



This half term, we are going to be having a go at coding.  We will think about how instructions or algorithms have to be accurate and in the correct order.  We will be using the school Beebots which can be programmed to move along pre- set routes.


We will be completing our art learning towards the end of the term.  Our focus will be sculpture.  The children will learn about the sculptors Simone Leigh and Henry Moore.  They will then learn to use clay to make their own sculptures.  This will link with their D.T. lessons this term.


Our D.T. focus will be on structures.  We will learn what a structure is and have ago at making structures using everyday materials.  We will then think about designing a stand to place our sculptures on.  We will think about how to make our structures both strong and stable and look good too.


We will be learning plenty of songs this half term as part of the KS1 Christmas play.  We will encourage the children to sing in tune, in time and with expression.  We will be using the correct musical terms; tempo, dynamics, timbre and pitch.

We will also spend the first few weeks getting ready to perform our drumming piece to the school!


Gymnastics and Dance

This half term we will be working on our gymnastics sequences and then we will begin to look at the dance skills.  The dance skills will be learnt through the various dances in the KS1 Christmas play.

Ball Skills

We will now extend our learning from the previous half term and use the skills we have practised, such as throwing, rolling, bouncing and catching a ball with accuracy.  These skills will be applied to a number of simple games. We will consider how to work well as a team, how we need to be responsible for our own part in the game and how to support our team members.


In these lessons, we will initially think about the significant people in our lives such as family, friends and people in our community who help us.  Then we will move on to consider the importance of touch and think about when touch makes us feel unsafe or upset. We will use the NSPCC resources based around Pantasaurus.  Following this, we will talk about respect for ourselves and for others and how this affects us in our everyday life.