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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y2 Curriculum

Y2 Curriculum Autumn 2021

Our topic for this term is Travel and Transport.


Use historical enquiry skills to find out about different modes of transport and how they have changed over time, as well as thinking about future transport. In Geography, use map work skills to look at travel in our local area.  We will also use our DT skills to design, plan and make a wheeled vehicle including axles and axle holders.



Reading - re-read books to build fluency and confidence, read Year 2 texts with expression and at good pace. Check that the text makes sense as they are reading and correct inaccurate reading. Build comprehension by retrieving basic information from a text.

Writing - writing about own experiences using bikes and scooters. We will look at the story of Mrs Armitage on Wheels and write similar stories, poetry based around trains and journeys, information texts on different types of transport, stories based on boats and mythical travel such as magic carpets and broomsticks!

We will focus on correct punctuation and sentence structure along with making sure we use the correct tense consistently. Add detail to sentences using carefully chosen adjectives and extending sentences using a range of conjunctions.

Phonics/Spelling - we will revise all the phase 5 phonemes from Letters and Sounds and make sure we can write them as well as read them within words. We will also investigate the different spellings of known graphemes such as the different ways to spell the 'ay' sound.



Recognise the place value of 2 digit numbers; identify the tens and ones, add and subtract 2 digit numbers, multiply and divide facts for the 2s, 5s and 10s multiplication tables, name some basic fractions, recognise and use symbols for pounds and pence and combine amounts together, identify and describe the properties of 2D shapes, interpret and construct simple pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and simple tables.


Science - identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials. Carry out investigations to find out the best material for a specific purpose and understand why certain objects are made of certain materials e.g. would a chocolate teapot be successful?!

Art - develop drawing skills through producing different patterns and textures and using a range of tones with a single pencil.

Computing - use technology safely and respectfully and know that it is important to keep personal information, like passwords, private. Know how to search for specific topics by selecting keywords carefully. 

Music - listening to different pieces of music and responding to the different moods created. Think about the changes in sound and use words such as soft, loud, high, low to describe the music.

PE - In gymnastics, learn a variety of basic gymnastic movements such as balances, rolls and jumps and develop a short sequence involving examples of these movements. In games, focus on throwing a ball with control and catching from shorter and longer distances.

Wellbeing - thinking about how to develop safe relationships and understanding what bullying is. Knowing how to get help and how to resist pressure to do something unsafe or uncomfortable. 

RE - understand the meaning of belonging.