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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y2 Curriculum

Autumn 1 2022

This is what Year 2 will be covering in the first half of the Autumn term.


For our fiction, based upon the book Mrs. Armitage on Wheels, students will be tasked with creating their own story about travelling to school and overcoming obstacles that require modification of their bike/scooter. Skills covered for this unit of work are: compound sentences, fronted adverbials and adjectives. 

After, we will also look at non-chronological reports on transport vehicles, students will be tasked with creating their own.

Additionally, students will be tasked with retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood as their warm task to track retention from their last English unit.



In our Maths this term, we will be working on our Number Bonds for each number to 20, Multiplication and Division facts for the 2 times table and count/read/write numbers to 100 in numerals. Maths is broken down into 8 strands for this term: Place Value, Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication/Division, Fractions, Measurements, Geometry, Position and Movement and Statistics.


Each table group is named after a historical vehicle, which is our hook for the subject. Our topic is on "Travel and Transport", we will begin our unit by building a chronological awareness by understanding what the past means and creating a timeline. Then, we will look at what the advancements in travel are today. Progressing on to learning the history of cars and trains. 


In this topic we will analyse maps to begin with and create a map of our local area (Harlow). Once we have explored our local area in lessons, we will investigate and research an area in Australia; comparing the similarities and differences.


We will investigate and identify different materials. Comparing suitability, properties and uses of various materials. We will investigate how some materials are best suitable for certain uses.


In computing, we will look at web browsers initially, progressing onwards to using search engines safely and finally creating a presentation in Keynote after recording information and saving photos. This unit of work will proceed after the well-being unit on Internet safety.


In our art we will be focusing our skills on textures, tone and the natural form in drawing. Using various mediums to draw inspiration. We will also investigate various forms of creating tone with lines (blending, stippling, cross-hatching, contour-hatching, scumbling etc.) Our final task will be applying these skills to draw a vehicle using techniques learnt in lessons.


Our RE learning will be centred around Humanism. We will develop questioning and reasoning skills. Foster an understanding of different religions from around the world and investigate why light is an important symbol.


The children will develop their ability to play the Glockenspiel, focusing on creating rhythmical and melodic patterns.


In DT, we will be exploring wheels and axles on vehicles with the end goal being to create our own moving cars.


The children will be developing their skills of floor gymnastics as well as ball skills.  Our PE days will be outdoors on Monday and indoors on Friday's.