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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y2 Curriculum

Dear Parents and Carers

This half term our topic is ‘Harlow Detectives’.  We will be looking at our local area and using photos/images from the past describe how the location has changed over time and the reasons why it has changed.  Our topic is Art and Geography based and we are planning on creating a large-scale piece of art on different areas of Harlow for you to see at the end of the half term.


Through our topic work we will be recognising how Harlow has become the way it is and changes that have happened beyond the children’s living memories. We will  use a source to ask why, what, how, where and who to find answers.


Our science unit this half term is called ‘Take care’.  We will be describing the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food and hygiene. We will take part in some practical activities where our focus will be collecting data while carrying out exercises, and use our observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions.


Our focus this half term is multiplication and division.  We are calculating mathematical statements for multiplication and division within the 2, 3, 5 and 10 timetables and write them using the correct symbols.


We will be working on whole class reading comprehension sessions this term where we will be using the ‘reading dogs’ to answer questions about the text. 


Our focus will be on adding suffixes to words e.g. er and contractions such as can’t. 


In PE we will be working on developing tactics for invasion games with a focus on hockey and balance in moving to music in dance.


In computing we will be developing our programming skills and working on our knowledge of online safety and how to stay safe in an online community.


In art we are going to be focusing on our drawing skills and experimenting with creating a range of tones with a single pencil.


Our topic is ‘Special places’ and we are going to explore special places to us in our community.  We are planning a local visit to the Harlow Baptist church to find out why the Church is special to Christians.  Further to this we will investigate other special places such as those special in the Jewish religion.

As always, if you have any information books or feel that you could support our topic in any way please let us know.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Jackson