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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y2 Curriculum

Spring 1 2023

This is what Year 2 will be covering in the first half of the Spring term.


We will begin the term with the focus being on Capital Letters and re-creating our fact file on Tesla to assess retention from the last term.

For our non-fiction, based upon the diaries of Samuel Pepys, students will be tasked with imagining they themselves were in The Great Fire of London and will need to create a diary entry detailing their experience, with History topic links to valuables being buried underground etc: what would they bury? The focus on this task will be on capital letters, punctuation, conjunctions and descriptive language.

For our fiction, students will be tasked with writing a non-chronological report on The Great Fire of London. The focus being on their use of tenses, capital letters, punctuation and conjunctions.



In our Maths this term, we will be working on 



Each table group is named after people, places and elements linked with our topic, which is our hook for the subject. Our topic is, "Fire! Fire!" We will begin our unit by recapping and solidifying our chronological awareness by understanding what the past means and creating a timeline. Then, we will begin looking at the Great Fire of London. We will answer how the fire started, why it spread so quickly, how and when the fire was put out, what happened after and look at the differences before and after this happened. In Spring 2 the plan is to visit the Fire! Fire! Tour at the Tower of London to get an educational experience to help secure the new learning.


In this topic we will look at the United Kingdom; its countries, the surrounding seas, the human and physical features, the flag etc. Additionally, we will be taking a historical look at  how places in the UK have changed, cross-referencing with our History topic.


The skills covered in Science are to notice animals (including humans) have offspring that grow into adults. Investigate the basic needs of animals, including the importance for humans to exercise and eat the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene. This will lead into investigating life cycles and what animals need to survive. Lastly, how hygiene practices help to prevent illnesses and infections.


In computing, we will look at the uses of technology outside of school. We will begin exploring apps for editing pictures. Lastly, students will revisit how to make presentations and will be given the opportunity to experiment/exploration of the features of such applications. The final part of this unit will to create a Keynote presentation on the Great Fire of London.


In our art we will be focusing our skills on painting. Mixing primary colours and using lighter/darker colours. This will cross-reference with our topic, where students will paint flames, this will lead to drawing images of the Great Fire of London and finally painting a landscape picture of the Great Fire of London (by painting over drawings.)


RE focus for this term is on Christian worship. We will discuss and explore different groups/families (and the importance of worshipping together on a Sunday), looking at artefacts used in worship, the meaning behind prayers and how the church is a people (not just a building). 


In music the students will be working with the Glockenspiels, learning to play short, repeated, rhythmical and melodic patterns which use a limited number of notes.


We will explore what it means to be a part of different groups, being responsible, equality and looking at ways in which make us all unique.


For indoor PE we will be doing equipment Gymnastics, firstly looking at safety on equipment and then giving students time to explore and adapt.

Outdoor PE is invasion games getting from one side of the court to the other avoiding the opposition. We will look at games such as Sharks + Fish, Chase the Tail, Protect the Castle etc.