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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y2 Curriculum

Summer 1 2023

This is what Year 2 will be covering in the first half of the Summer term.


We will begin the term with a warm writing task to assess where students currently are with their writing. 

Our topic is Amazing places in the summer. With our focus being on Antarctica, we will research animals from this continent and create fact files. Each table is named after an Antarctic animal, therefore each table will have a group focus animal to write about. Our core writing focus is to be able to write for non-fiction reports, clearing up misconceptions and moving away from fiction and opinions. We will also focus on demarcating our work.

For our fiction, we will read the book "Snail and the Whale". Students will review this book and begin developing ideas for their own story about visiting amazing places.



With the build up to SATs, Maths this term will focus mostly on developing those testing skills in daily maths and securing our arithmetic methods ahead of SATs week.



There is no History taught during Summer term. Instead, we will revisit our previous learning to recap and secure our understanding of Travel and Transport and The Great Fire of London.



In summer 1, we are researching Antarctica. Focusing on the key information. We will also look at the History of explorers, the research stations and the animals that live there.



Science will be taught by Mrs Higgs. Skills covered are: observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. Find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. How plants grow and develop. Where seeds and bulbs need to be planted differ.    



In computing, we will revisit learning from the Spring term. Then we will focus on learning what Algorithms are and how we debug/problem solve. Students will begin writing their own algorithms and block coding.



In our art we will be focusing our skills on printing. We will look at the work of William Morris and begin creating our own tile designs. We will explore different ways of printing and revisit our learning from Autumn by designing patterns. The final product will be a Styrofoam tile that students will use to print their artwork multiple times.


DT (Summer 2)

In our DT, students will begin looking at pouches and their function. Students will need to create their own design criteria and design their pouches accordingly. We will begin learning sewing techniques with our end product being students creating their pouches.



We will be looking at how Jewish people use celebration and festival as a means of belonging to their faith family. 



In music the students will be working with the Glockenspiels and singing, learning to play short, repeated, rhythmical and melodic patterns which use a limited number of notes. Our main focus this term is on composing, students will create their own composition.



This term is about health and safety. Students will explore parts of the body, including parts we keep private. They will also explore routines / healthy habits (such as brushing teeth daily) and why these are important.



For indoor PE we are learning dance. 

Outdoor PE is learning Cricket skills.