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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y3 Curriculum

Autumn 1 2021

Here is an overview of what we will be covering this half term.  Our main topic is the Stone Age, which I know will be lots of fun!



This term we will be covering place value, addition and subtraction. We will be working hard on our times tables and will focus on the 3 and 4 times tables.


The children will start the term off by writing a diary entry, based on the book Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. They will then be writing a non chronological report about an aspect of the Stone Age. We will continue with our grammar and spelling lessons too.


Our topic this term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age in Britain.  We are covering thousands of years, so this topic will take us into the second half of this term!  We will focus on the Stone Age this half term and look at how life changed in Britain during the Bronze and Iron Age after half term. 


Our art lessons will focus on drawing with charcoal and developing our shading skills.  This links nicely to the cave paintings completed by the early Stone Age people who used charcoal to draw the outlines of animals. We will aim to produce a charcoal drawing of Stone Henge! We will be looking at the charcoal drawings of Henry Moore.


Our weekly PHSE lessons will be mainly centred on the theme of families.  We will be learning that there are many different kinds of family and thinking about how important family can be and what to do if things at home become tricky. We will also be covering online safety.


The theme for R.E. is belonging. This links into our wellbeing lessons and we will focus on Judaism, looking at how important a religious community can be.


This half term, we will be listening to lots of Renaissance and Baroque music!  We will be learning about the unusual Renaissance instruments which are the forerunners to instruments that we know today. We will also be learning to talk about music using the terms pitch, dynamics, timbre and tempo.


As part of our research into the Stone Age, we will be learning to use search engines, recognising websites that are reliable and those that are not. We will be covering online safety in some of these lessons, but also in our wellbeing lessons too.


Our topic this half term is Rocks and Fossils. We will be learning to identify the three types of rock and learn how fossils are formed. We will also be carrying out some simple experiments.  The third part of this topic is soils, which we will complete after half term.


This half term we are going to be learning and practising the skills needed for playing netball. Now that we are allowed back in the hall, we will be doing some gymnastics too, learning to travel in different ways and mastering some of the basic gymnastic skills.