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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y3 Curriculum

Spring 2 2023

This is what Year 3 will be covering in the second half of the Spring Term. 


To begin our English we will be looking at descriptive writing, using our senses. we will use videos to stimulate our senses before writing our own description of a chosen setting. We will then analyse instructional texts, identifying and discussing the key features. Our spelling lessons will focus on our Year 3/4 spelling words, Prefixes, Homophones, Proofreading and words with the k sound spelt ch. 


In our maths this term we will be looking at fractions on a number line, comparing and ordering fractions, equivalent fractions, Roman numerals, telling the time, comparing time, AM and PM, Months, Duration of events, Angles, pictograms and tables. 


We will be continuing learning about the Romans with a strong focus on primary and secondary sources. We will evaluate which sources are more reliable and why. 


We will look closely at locating countries as well as learning all about Spain, Russia, Germany, Greece and Italy.


We will continue our work on plants looking closely at pollination and fertilisation and finally the life cycle of a flowering plant. We will also look closely at the beans we have been growing. 


Our Art for this term will allow us to look closely at collage. We will use the ripping technique to create a collage as well as experimenting with scrunching, screwing and folding to create different textures. For our final outcome we will create a collage based on the Romans. 


Our big question is 'What is philosophy? How do people make moral decisions?'. 


The children will continue to learn the song Three Little birds by Bob Marley as well as learning to play the glockenspiel. 


The children will be developing their skills of dance as well as focusing on the skills needed for Tennis.  Our PE days will be on Monday afternoon and Friday Morning. 


We will be developing our Spanish knowledge to become confident in talking about food and drink, meals, numbers to 30, vegetables, fruit and buying groceries.  


Computing this term will focus on Multimedia where the children will recognise familiar forms of input and output devices. With support the children will select and use a variety of software to accomplish goals. Finally, the children will confidently Airplay onto the screen to show an output. 


This term our wellbeing focus on relationships where we will discuss the positive aspects of being part of a family, recognise and respect that there are different types of families, recognise what a family gives us, ways people care for each other and what to do and whom to tell if family relationships are making them feel upset, worries, unhappy or unsafe.