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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y3 Curriculum

Summer 2 2023

This is what Year 3 will be covering in the first half of the Summer Term. 


To begin our English we will be looking at play scripts. Using our class book, Narnia, we will choose a part to convert into a play script. We will analyse and look in detail at what is needed for a play script before attempting our own. As we continue to read our class book, we will look a fact files. After discovering the features of fact files, we will choose an animal from Narnia to research in depth and create a fact file. Our spelling lessons will focus on Suffixes, Apostrophes, GPCs, Year 3/4 Spelling and Vowel Digraphs. 


In our maths this term we will be looking at problem-solving, Inverse operations, Column addition, Column subtraction, Multiplying, Dividing, Mental methods of multiplication and Written methods of multiplication. 


We will look closely at map and fieldwork skills. Using maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features. We will also focus more on compass direction, Essex maps, roadways and motorways. 


Our new science topic for this term is all about forces and magnets. We will look in-depth at how things move on different surfaces, observing how magnets attract and repel each other as well as being able to predict this. We will also look at contact and non-contact forces. 


Our Art for this term will allow us to look closely at 3D Art. The children will use clay to begin to shape, form, model and join to re-create a piece of art work. 


Our big question is 'What do Muslims believe about God?'. 


The children will begin to compose their own piece of music using a variety of notes. 


The children will be developing their skills of Rounders and Equipment Gymnastics.  Our PE days will be on Monday afternoon (Outdoor) and Friday Morning (Indoor). 


We will be developing our Spanish knowledge to become confident in talking about where we live. We will learn how to say phrases related to where i live, my house, In the kitchen, in the living room and in my bedroom. 


Computing this term will focus on coding and programming. The children will learn to design, write and debug programs that control or simulate virtual events. They will use logical reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work and finally, they will be using scratch to carry out their tasks. 


This term our wellbeing focus on Healthy living where we will discuss being healthy (thinking carefully about our diet, exercise and habits), Feelings, Personal identify (Individuality, self-worth), Risks (Predict, assess and manage risks, keeping themselves safe at home-fire safety, keeping themselves safe in the local environment and unfamiliar places.), First aid (Bites and Stings, Significant pupil needs in class.