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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y3 Curriculum

Summer 2 2022

This is what Year 3 will be covering in the second half of  the summer term.


We are consolidating all the work we have done this year in this half term.  We will be writing non chronological reports with a view to accurate writing and good editing. We will be writing a story thinking about all the elements of story language, interesting grammar and structure, and finishing with a poem based our on work on rivers. Most of our spelling lessons will focus on recapping all the work we have done this year and revising the Year 3 words.


This term we will return to working on multiplication and division with a focus on the eight times table. We will consolidate work on fractions and learning to add and subtract with fractions that have the same denominator.  We will also cover decimals. Following this, we will look at money and measuring perimetres. In geometry, we will be recapping different angles and focussing on parallel and perpendicular lines. Statistics will be covered in other subjects such as science, where we will present our results in bar charts and pictograms.

In all areas of maths, we will be applying our knowledge to word problems,


We will be learning about rivers and our focus will be the Mississippi River. We will be thinking about the main features of rivers and the effect some of them have on human life.



We will complete our work on the skeleton and muscles and the children will be finding their own way to conduct an experiment based on the effect that exercise has on muscles.


We will be creating pictures of rivers (linking in with our learning in geography) and will discover the wonders of making a collage with ripped paper.


We will be completing our work on religious celebrations.


The children will extend their compositions from last half term and think about how to write a more effective melody.


The children will be going swimming every Friday.  They will be practising sprinting, hurdles and throwing a discus in school as part of their focus on athletics.


We will be recapping our work this year and starting to learn the words for popular food in Spanish. They will learn some phrases around this topic.