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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y3 Curriculum

Spring 1 2022

This is what Year 3 will be covering in the first half of the spring term 2022.


In English we will spend two weeks learning to write a poem and using techniques such as similes, alliteration and kennings to make our poems as interesting as possible. We will then be writing a newspaper report based on an event in the Roman times. We will be learning how to use subordinating clauses effectively and will focus on how to punctuate speech.

The children will be learning to use Lexia which will support their spelling and grammar. We will continue to work on our handwriting, learning how to form letters correctly and how to join them, keeping letters a regular size.


Using our spiral curriculum, we will be revisiting place value, addition and subtraction, and extending our skills.  We will compare and order numbers up to 1000 and solve number problems and practical problems involving place value and rounding. We will be learning to use column addition and subtraction using three digit numbers.  We will also look at problem solving, estimation and rounding.


Our topic in history is the Romans in Britain.  We will learn that the Roman Empire was very powerful. We will recap that fact that Britain had already been subject to many invasions, but the Roman invasion brought lasting changes to housing and technology. Romans were not popular and the Celts staged a number of rebellions and we will focus on Boudicca’s rebellion. The Celts were able to defend Scotland and Ireland despite the might and organisation of the Romans. Power and civilisation are the key factors in this part of Britain’s history. We hope to visit the Harlow Museum and learn lots about the Roman temple that used to be just around the corner from F and B.


Our focus for science is flowering plants.  We will be considering the function of the parts of the plant and looking at how water is carried around the plant and how leaves play an important role in making food.  We will also be looking at the life cycle of a flowering plant and looking at how different plants require different conditions to grow well. We will be conducting a number of experiments land growing all sorts of seeds!


In art we will continue our drawing skills, learning how to create perspective and also learning how to use oil pastels effectively.  We will be looking at the artists Degas and Monet to help us with our oil pastel work.


We have a little work to complete on how religious stories help to maintaina spiritual life, and then we will be looking at three religious events and considering how this relates to stories from the past.  We will learn about Lent, Passover and Ramadam and encourage the children to think about how they make commitments and have their own values. They will be thinking about what influences them and asking questions about other people’s faith and beliefs and making comparisons between them and their own ideas about the important values in their life.


In music, we will be learning to play tuned percussion!  We hope to be able to play a few tunes by half term.  The children will be learning how to read rhythmic notation and finding out about time signatures.


We will be continuing our work in gymnastics and we will be using the equipment each week, will a view to creating some routines and sequences of movements.  For our P.E. lessons outside we will be playing hockey, learning how to dribble and pass the ball with control.


We will spend the first week recapping the vocabulary and phrases that we learnt before Christmas.  Then we will be learning the words for animals, learning to give a positive or negative response and how to count to 20. 


We will learn about how the internet works!  Then we will find out how to conduct a safe search on the internet, thinking about how we evaluate websites for their reliability and correct information.  We will use our skills to conduct some exciting research on Bouddica.