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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y3 Curriculum

Autumn 2 2022

This is what Year 3 will be covering in the second half of the Autumn term


To begin our English we will be looking at a poem about Remembrance Day. We will be spending time analysing the language before collating our own ideas and writing our own remembrance day poetry. Using our knowledge of story writing we are going to be formulating our own story based on the Bronze and Iron age. Once we have learnt about Stone Henge we are going to be focusing on explanation writing where we will write all about Stone Henge as well as ensuring all the features are included. Our spelling lessons will continue to focus on Suffixes, Prefixes, Homophones, The 'i' sound spelt y, Proofreding, words ending in g spelt 'gue' and the k sounding spelt 'que'. 


In our maths this term we will be looking at fractions focusing on using diagrams, equivalent fractions with small denominators. We will also recognise and use fractions as numbers on a number line, recognise unit and non-unit fractions with small denominators. In all areas of maths, we will be applying our knowledge to word problems.


We will be learning about the Bronze and Iron Age thinking carefully about how it has progressed overtime. We will learn about Bronze and Iron Age life as well as making comparisons to our lives today. 


For our Geography this term, we are focusing on rivers. In particular the River Thames. We will learn about a rivers course and its journey, the three main processes of a River aswell as the key features of a river. 


We will complete our work on Animals including Humans, learning about which foods we need to keep healthy haswell as focusing on Skeletons and muscles. We may even speak to a Vet who can tell us more about the animals she looks after! 


We will be linking our DT into our work on the River Thames and will create a bridge like structure.  


We will be finding out about the trinity and which faith this links to. 


The children will continue to develop their ability to play tuned percussion as well as playing simple rhythmic and melodic parts.


The children will be developing their skills of floor gymnastics as well as focusing on the skills needed for Basketball.  Our PE days will be on Monday and Thursday. 


We will be developing our Spanish knowledge to become confident in talking about ourselves, how to greet people, numbers to 30, How old are you?, Family and our colours.