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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y4 Curriculum

Academic Year 2021/22

Autumn 1

We have some wonderful topics across the curriculum to cover this year.  Our first topic is Ancient Greece. 

Children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into what life would have been like in Ancient Greece and use this knowledge to compare life in Athens and Sparta.  The children will learn what impact religion had on daily life and look in depth at two/three gods.  The children will understand how the Olympic Games began and be able to identify and describe other ways in which the Ancient Greeks have influenced the western world, and they will also be to explain how the civilisation fell to the Roman Empire in 146BC.  Alongside learning about the Ancient Greeks in history, the children will look at various Greek myths in English, they will create their own mythical creature, design and draw a Greek vase and make ‘dragon’ eggs in art. In computing, the children make a ‘comic legend’ and research myths and legends in other cultures.  They will continue their work on the importance of and how to stay safe online.  They will also engage with drama and play scripts. The children will have the opportunity to taste Greek food and take part in traditional Greek maths problem and puzzle solving activities and handle Greek artefacts.  Throughout the topic, we will video and take pictures of our learning and experiences and share with those outside of the classroom.


We start the year with a narrative topic: Traditional Tales -Myths, where we will focus on effective characterisation by way of description and writing in the style of a job application. The children will look at vocabulary building, sentence structures and grammar and will write their own job application as an Ancient Greek character.  The children will have the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively and take part in drama.

We then move onto re-telling myths and re-telling a known myth from another perspective.  We will read various stories and will then focus on Daedalus and Icarus.  The children will be identifying features, grammar and punctuation and consider effective vocabulary and word choices and build on their sentence structures from the previous topic.

Moving on from Narrative writing, the children will explore non-fiction and will create a non-chronological report on a mythical creature.  The children will create their own 'fantastic beast' and will bring it to life by using descriptive writing skills.  We will be reading the book by J.K.Rowling as a stimulus to support this writing.

Our class book will be 'Who let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans.

The children will also take part in spelling lessons where we will look at spelling rules and the common exception (Statutory Word List) words and daily handwriting sessions.


This half-term we will be focusing on place value. You may have noticed this is something revisited throughout the year (and always at the beginning of a term), this is because children develop an understanding of this concept through exposure and through practice. A secure understanding of place value is a vital foundation for future maths concepts such as arithmetic. We will cover the place value of digits, rounding, comparing, ordering. Once the children show a good understanding of place value, we can move on to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will look at both mental strategies and formal written methods.   As children in Year Four undertake the times tables check, we will have a strong focus on these.  The children will look at different strategies and will have weekly times tables tests to check their progress.


Where does all that food go?

The children will be learning about the digestive system and how the body breaks down and uses food.  They will investigate owl pellets to find out what they have eaten and how they digest certain food.  The children will also look at teeth and build on prior learning looking in more depth at food groups that humans need in order to have a balanced and healthy diet.  The children will finish the topic by making their own toothpaste.


This term the children will be having swimming lessons where they will learn various techniques and strokes in order to be able to swim 25 metres.  Alongside this, in school, they will be participating in gymnastic lessons.


This term we are lucky enough to have a specialist coming into school to teach the children how to play a Ukulele.  They will look at the different chords and strums and use these skills to play various songs.

PSHE and Well-Being

Our first unit will look at E-Safety and how to stay safe online.  The children will have opportunities to use drama and role-play to put into practice strategies learnt in lessons.  Alongside this, we will look at ways to leave a 'good' digital footprint and effective web browsing.



Going to School

Our Spanish will focus on a school day. Children will have the opportunity to engage in conversations about the subjects they study in school, their favourite subjects and what their school is like.