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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Spring term 2nd half term:

Our next topic is Space! We are going to explore further beyond our own planet which we looked at in the Autumn Term. We will look at a spaceship crash in our school and try to find out what is inside and where it came from. For us to discover what to do with the rocket we need to learn about our solar system and where the rocket could have come from. We will look at doing star gazing as well as creating our own planets and aliens. We will be using the stimulus of Avatar. We will only be looking at clips of this film, looking at the creatures and different landscapes that could be found. We aim to explore space across our topic, thinking about the space race as well as the question of whether we can survive away from our planet and why this may occur. Children have already discussed what they know about space and discussed what they want to find out this half term. 



This half term we will continue to work on adding and subtracting fractions, understanding what small steps will be involved. We will then recall multiplication and how to multiply fractions. Next we will look at the relationship between fractions with decimals and percentages. We will continue to work on mental strategies of key skills that we have previously covered with regular quizzes as well as recapping how to multiply and divide by powers of 10. We will begin to do this with decimal numbers understanding the key concept of what multiplying by 10 actually means. 



During English this half term, we are going to focus on creating descriptive writing for the whole of the half term. We will focus on developing our sentences, ensuring to recap from previous teaching and understand how to describe both characters and landscapes. We will aim to put our descriptions into a story of our alien that we create into our planet using story boards. Children will be learning what personification is, better synonyms and how to use colours effectively in our work. 


Throughout English, grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) skills will be taught. This half term we are focusing on: clauses, relative clauses, how to use colons and semi-colons effectively and how to ensure correct subject verb agreement is coherent within our writing.


During our handwriting this half term, we are going to focus on using Alan Peak sentences (ceiling sentences) and understand how to use these effectively in our writing. We are ensuring that our sentences are punctuated correctly and children are double-checking where capital letters and full stops go! We will continue to follow our No-nonsense spelling programme which will continue to look at homophones, statutory spellings, ei and ie rules and how to proof read our work.



This half term some of us will continue to use Lexia daily. The rest of the class will begin to look at further reading comprehension skills. This will be a daily session where children will look at various question styles as well as how to solve inference questions. Each day we will focus on one particular type of question. Furthermore, we will be reading our class book ('George’s Secret Key to the Universe') slowly over the half term, speaking out loud in the class as well as reading together. Additionally, we have a 40-minute reading comprehension lesson where we are continuing to learn about the different types of questions that could be asked e.g. retrieve, predict and explain. These will be a longer piece of reading for children to have a go at spotting various question styles. 



As Space is our Topic, this half term science will be a focus. We will look at how times works across the world differently as well as the phases of the moon and what is day and night. We will continue to follow Colin’s Science. 



In RE this half term we are going to continue to look at Islam and worship. We will discuss how Muslims worship their God Allah and what rituals occur. We will also look at the Qur’an and look at why the prophet Mohammed is so important to Muslims. We will continue to use the exploRE documents.  



We will look at the Space race and which countries are involved. Additionally, we will be looking at time zones and how they can differ within one country. We will discuss how different countries will have day time earlier or later compared to other countries and why. 



During History, we will look at the history of the space race as well as how we got to the moon. We will think about how our connection to space has changed over the last few centuries compared to the past. We will look into where planets names originate from. 



This half term, we are focusing on drawings. We are going to focus on the work created by Pablo Picasso and what cubism is. We will begin to explore different types of cubism work followed by created our own. We will be drawing various aliens, rockets, astronauts and scenes from space focusing on using sketch pencils and various techniques for shading. 



This half term we are going to be focusing on netball. We are doing this to connect our learning of basketball (our previous half term focus) to a similar sport which will consolidate these skills as well as focus on team work. Children will focus on the rules as well as the importance of team work in order to score. Additionally, we will be swimming again this term. Our end goal is to ensure all children can swim at least 25m front crawl and backstroke.



We are going to be looking at how to hold a tune as well as sing in parts. We will also be creating a beat to go along with our song using various instruments. We will use some technology to help us create an array of sounds and tunes.  



We will continue to use greetings at the start of each lesson. We are going to revise where we live which we looked at last term. We will be also be moving on to describing our own homes including the kitchen, lounge and our bedrooms.



This half term we are going to focus on perspective. We need to focus on how others may interrupt a situation and that sometimes we may not see that view straight away. As a class we have become more confident with the zones and therefore we are focusing on developing these skills and discussing the importance of sharing our emotions and feelings in order for us to be able to interpret situations better.



This half term we will be focusing on coding. We are going to be using Swift Playground to create coding using various functions including looping. We will focus on what algorithms are and why they are important in coding.