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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Spring 1 2024

This is what Year 5 will be covering in the first half of the Spring Term 2024. 


This term we are focusing on character descriptions. We will build up our vocabulary before creating our own Viking character to describe. We will also use our knowledge of the Vikings to create a fact file all about them. 


We will start our maths off this term,  by looking at place value where we will focus on numbers up to 100,000. 

We will focus adding and subtracting mentally, formally and using estimating including decimals of values up to 100,000.

By the end of the term, all children will be confident with their times tables ( up to 12 x 12), powers of 10, factors, multiples and prime numbers up to 50. They will also be able to multiply 4-digit numbers by 1- digt numbers and teen numbers up to 20. Finally, the children will be successful in dividing 4-digit numbers by 1- digit numbers using the bus stop method. 

We will finish the term off by converting fractions into decimals and percentages, finding equivalent fractions – thousandths, and to add and subtract fractions and decimals up to and beyond 1.

Through daily maths sessions we will develop time skills, mental arithmetic and graphs. In all areas of maths, we will be applying our knowledge to word problems and reasoning questions.


Our history topic will be focused on Vikings and Anglo Saxons. We will understand where the Vikings came from and settled as well as gaining a better understanding of the Viking Life. 


We will continue to work on our knowledge of the world, where we will look in depth at the different parts of the world. We will be able to explain the vocabulary associated with different parts of the world. 


We will be focusing on living things and animals. 


This half-term we will be focusing on our cooking skills and creating a meal. We will be making a Pizza and crumble from scratch. 


In RE enquiry is 'What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?'. 


The children will continue their recorder skills where we will be learning to play along to music using 3 notes. We will also focus on our singing skills where we will learn 'Make you feel my love'. 


The children will be developing their skills of Tennis and Dance.  Our PE days will be on Monday's (outside) and Friday's (inside). 


We will be developing our Spanish vocabulary in Healthy Lifestyle. 


In wellbeing, we will be focusing on living in the wider world. We will begin to look at how we can look after our world as well as exploring our future careers.