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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Autumn 2 2022

This is what Year 5 will be covering in the first half of the Autumn term


We are going to be looking at fiction and non-fiction writing. 

We will be looking at story writing and expanding our descriptive writing. Whilst have the key focus of cohesive ideas and paragraphs. We will use our class book and reading comprehension lessons to build our knowledge of authors techniques to convey meaning. 

For non-fiction, we will be looking at writing formal letters. Understanding the use of tone and voice within writing. We will also look at target audience to understand how this may affect the style of writing or vocabulary being used. This will have cross-curricular links to our history topic of Harlow. 

We will also look at newspaper reports: reporting on a natural disaster. We will work on verbal reports as well as written reports. Our aim will be to create an informative piece focusing on being concise, direct and clear. 


In our maths this term we will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. Making comparative links across the three to use confident knowledge to see the similarities. To start we will identify fractions through visual representations and then look into equivalent fractions. Then we will move to look at decimals and percentages. They will need to know how to convent from a decimal to a percentage and then finally also into a fraction.  

In all areas of maths, we will be applying our knowledge to word problems.


We will cover the local area study of Harlow - we will develop understanding of how Harlow was invented and why. We will then use this knowledge to look at how Harlow has developed and changed over the years. 


We will investigate different animals and their habitats. How we classify different animals based of their varying characteristics.

They will also re investigate the processes of plants and the impact pollination has. We will then closely look at life cycles and make comparisons. 


This half-term we are looking at different types of food and how they affect our health. How to prepare food and food safety. As well as investigating where food comes from and the differences across the world. 


Our RE learning will be centred around Humanism. We will develop questioning and reasoning skills. Foster an understanding of different religions from around the world and why people believe in these religions. This will link into further discussion around is it acceptable to not believe in any religion. 


The children will develop their ability to play the recorder focusing on creating a group ensemble. 


The children will be developing their skills of floor gymnastics as well as Hockey.  Our PE days will be on Wednesday's and Friday's. 


We will be developing our Spanish knowledge to become confident in asking questions, and learning vocabulary linked to daily lifestyles.