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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Autumn Term 1 



We start off the year with a great topic, "Lost in Space".  Children will begin the space topic by immersing themselves into the artwork of Peter Thorpe. They will have the opportunity to create a space themed abstract background and create clear, space shapes for the foreground. We will be looking at space using a cross-curricular approach. As well as looking at space in science, we will be looking at the history of space exploration and how this has changed over the years. Children will learn about how animals went to space and delve into the historical space race between USA and Russia. Music will give the children to opportunity to listen to music based around the planets. They will be personifying the planets with a character and will get the opportunity to compose and perform a piece of music to reflect this personality. Throughout the topic, we will video our experiences and learning to share with those outside of the classroom.  


We will begin the year by looking at space themed poetry. We will be learning a poem off by heart, identifying different features of the poem, we will magpie imagery and vocabulary to create our own space themed poem. The children will have the opportunity to work collaboratively, as well as independently. To conclude poetry for this half term, we will perform our poems and, hopefully, share them with the parents through SeeSaw. 

Moving on from poetry, we will be exploring non-chronological texts and begin refining our use of sentence types. We will be using all of our new knowledge to present a non-chronological report about space. This will also give the children an opportunity to research into their own lines of questioning about space. 

By the end of the term, we will have also covered narrative writing. This will give the children an opportunity to look at character description and scene setting but we will write from the perspective of an ALIEN. We will be using the book "The Kid Who Came From Space" by Ross Welford as a stimulus to support this writing. 


This half-term we will be focusing on place value. You may have noticed this is something revisited throughout the year (and always at the beginning of a term), this is because children develop an understanding of this concept through exposure and through practice. A secure understanding of place value is a vital foundation for future maths concepts such as arithmetic. We will cover the place value of digits, rounding, comparing, ordering. Once the children show a good understanding of place value, we can move on to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will look at both mental strategies and formal written methods.


RE lessons will give us the chance to explore our understanding of connection and belonging. We will be thinking about, and discussing, different ways of showing belonging in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We will continue to relate these questions to our own experiences and understanding of the world around us. Specifically, we will be looking at how people can behaviourally and physically show their belonging and how we can belong to many groups.