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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Autumn term 1st half term:

Wow, we have a fully packed half term this year looking at our first topic –the Floodland. This is based on a book called Floodland by Marcus Sedgewick. This fiction book is based on the future of the world where we haven’t looked after our planet and the ice caps melt. The world becomes flooded and the land is covered. The main character (Zoe) is on search to find her parents who were lost on a rescue boat. Zoe has to survive in rough territories meeting strange characters that behave in different ways. Throughout various lessons, we will be looking in detail about our environment and what happens to Zoe in the story.


This half term we are going to look at place value. We will start off by looking at what each column is called and work our way up to a million. This will involve rounding, negative numbers, roman numerals and number sequences. We will be looking at how we can represent these in different methods including the part-part-whole model, bar modeling and stem sentences as well as creating values using concrete resources.

We will also recap previous learning on addition and subtraction. This includes considering methods of adding and subtracting and how to solve reasoning and greater depth questions that have more than one step to solve.



We will begin to look at how to write a diary entry using Floodland as our stimulus. We are going to think about feelings and emotions and retrace the steps that Zoe had to get through to arrive at Eel Island. The children will consider the layout and how to improve our writing using adjectives. During these lessons, there will be a focus on capital letters and full stops ensuring we are mastering this key skill.

We will then move onto writing letters from Zoe to her lost parents expressing what has happened on Eel Island as we continue to explore the book. The class will look at writing and presenting speeches to become a leader persuading people to join our Island, learning the key skills of becoming an effective leader.

There will also be lessons on creating a poem regarding the noises and sounds that may be heard around the Island learning about onomatopoeia and various writing techniques.

Finally, we will create our own ending of the story using our imaginative skills to see what will happen to Zoe and if she does ever find her parents.

Throughout English, grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) skills will be taught. This will include knowing what the 8 word classes are and how to improve our sentences by using them.



This half term we are continuing to use Lexia daily. Furthermore, we will be reading our class book slowly over the half term speaking out loud in the class as well as reading together.

Additionally, we have a 40-minute reading comprehension lesson where we are starting to learn about the different types of sentences that could be asked e.g. retrieve, predict and explain questions.



We are going to start off this half term by looking at plants around our local area, how they grow and how some plants can begin to grow but don’t start off as a seed.

We will then be moving on to looking at life cycles of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and amphibians.



In RE this half term we are going to begin to look at Christianity and the features of a church. We are hoping to go on a trip to our local church in order to get some ideas.

Furthermore, we are going to look at what happens in a church and how this links to the local community.



We will be looking at the water cycle and how this is affected as the world is changing. The class will focus on how humans affect the environment and how we can try to protect our planet now. We will be thinking about what techniques are available and how we can make small changes to have a big impact.



Although this is a Geography heavy topic, we will be looking at how previous examples of what has happened to our planet due to our actions including endangered animals and extinct animals.



This half term we are looking at the artist - Katsushika Hokusai. We will begin to sketch our own version of the very famous painting “ The Great Wave”. We will be using different mediums to create different textures for our piece. This will be created over several weeks.



This half term we are going to look at learning how to play Dodgeball and Tag-Rugby. Both games have various rules that need to be taught. Children will be able to experience teamwork, communication and learning that it is okay not to always win. We will be learning how to deal with losing and how to learn for next time we play.



We are going to be looking at how to use instruments correctly to create tunes as well as sing in tune.



We are beginning to learn Spanish this year. We are going to start by learning basic skills including greetings, numbers and colours.



This half term we are going to be learning about ourselves and what we are capable of doing. This will show us what makes us so special. We are going to think about inclusion of our peers and ensuring that we get on as a team.



Using the Internet safely is very important in our technological world. We are teaching children how to use it correctly and the importance of talking to adults if something goes wrong.