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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Spring term 1st half term:

Our next topic is the Bake off! We are going to investigate how to cook different dishes as well as understand how mixing materials can cause different reactions. This Science and DT topic will be heavily based on designing and producing various dishes. We will begin with a simple taste test (blindfolded of course) to allow children to think about what different foods there are around the world. We will then begin to create our own dishes using different cooking techniques learning about the health and safety of cooking as well as the importance of understanding what the food does to our body. We are aiming to cook you (parents/ guardians) a lovely three-course meal for lunch during the last week of half term. We will continue to inform you of what we are doing via Seesaw and ParentMail.


This half term we are going to finish off looking at multiplication and division. We will recap column multiplication ensuring that we are confident with how to solve a 4 digit number multiplied by a 2 digit number. We will then look into how to divide using the bus stop method. We will continue to use resources and various pictorial representations to understand what multiplication and division looks like practically. We will then begin to look at fractions, understanding what a numerator and denominator are. We will then start to look at how to convert mix numbers into improper fractions and vice versa. After that, we will introduce adding and subtracting fractions, understanding what small steps will be involved. This will continue on to the following half term.



During English this half term, we are going to look at instruction writing, understanding the importance of imperative verbs as well as clear instructions. We will be following these instructions to create various food dishes. We will then continue to explore foods around the world. We will create a newspaper report of a new dish that we are going to create using ideas of foods that we have researched about. Finally, we will look at recapping non-chronological reports creating a small booklet of dishes the children have researched and created.

Throughout English, grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) skills will be taught. This half term we are focusing on: subordinating clauses, modal verbs, speech, relative clauses and how to use commas for cohesion.

During our handwriting this half term, we are going to focus on extending our sentences recapping the skills that we have covered in the previous term. We are ensuring that our sentences are punctuated correctly and children are double-checking where capital letters and full stops go!

We will continue to follow our No-nonsense spelling programme which will continue to look at homophones, apostrophes, dictation and the suffixes -ibly and -ably.



This half term some of us will continue to use Lexia daily. The rest of the class will begin to look at further reading comprehension skills. This will be a daily session where children will look at various question styles as well as how to solve inference questions. Furthermore, we will be reading our class book, Oliver Twist, slowly over the half term speaking out loud in the class as well as reading together. Additionally, we have a 40-minute reading comprehension lesson where we are continuing to learn about the different types of questions that could be asked e.g. retrieve, predict and explain.



We are going to look at marvellous mixtures, understanding what happens when you mix materials together.  We will investigate how we can separate these materials using different techniques including: filtering, sieving, evaporation and condensing. We will continue to follow Colin’s Science. 



In RE this half term we are going to begin to look at Islam and the five pillars.  We will discuss what they are and reflect on how we would feel if we followed these important acts. We will discuss how other religions may see this more differently. We will continue to use the exploRE documents.  



We will be continuing to look at North America and comparing foods from England. We will look at the similarities and differences including how food is grown in different areas of the world, how does food get transported around the world and what other processes occurs to provide enough food for everyone on our planet.



During History, we will discuss how food and dishes have changed over time looking at old recipes compared to today’s fast takeaways and microwave meals. We will also look at how different chefs over time have created dishes of which later chefs have innovated and changed these to create various styles.



This half term, we are focusing on drawings. We are going to learn how to sketch from observations of kitchen utensils. We are going to think about layering, shading and the importance of sketching using different depth to bring the items alive. We are looking various artists including: Leonardo Di Vinci, Tom Wesselman, Caravaggio and Vincent Van Gogh.



This half term we are going be learning how to play basketball. We will look at the importance of passing and dribbling effectively, working as a team in order to make progress together. We are going to focus on the importance of space awareness as well as shooting hoops. The aim is to ensure all children understand the principles of shooting hoops learning where to aim and using the backboard to support them. Additionally, we will be swimming this term. Our end goal is to ensure all children can swim at least 25m front crawl and backstroke.



We are going to be looking at how to sing in parts as well as hold a tune. We will also be creating a beat to go along with our song using various instruments. We will use some technology to help us create an array of sounds and tunes.  



We are going to revise basic skills including greetings, numbers and colours. We will be also be moving on to describing where we live using language nut to help us.



This half term we are going to continue to look at the zones of regulation that children began in Year 4. We want children to begin to create a tool kit of ideas how they can regulate their emotions when things occur in everyday life. We want children to become as independent as possible where they are confident to deal with a situation that may arise.



This half term we will be focusing on coding. We are going to be using hopscotch to create games using simple codes. We will then develop our games using the ‘if and then’ function to increase the game features as well as challenges for the user and the creator.