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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Autumn 2 - Space (The Final Frontier)

The first half term of our school year was focused on getting our children back to school and happy. Our main goals have been to look after the children's wellbeing and health whilst getting them back into the routine of school. Our superheroes topic was a great opportunity to assess the children and see what they had retained from the previous year. We will be continuing with this recovery curriculum this year assessing the class' needs and teaching them the skills that they will need to be successful and learning for the rest of the year.


This half term we will recap what we learnt about Place Value and continue to work on negative numbers as well as mental arithmetic for addition and subtraction. For multiplication we will be using our knowledge of factors, multiples and prime numbers to solve every day problems - building on our use of bus stop division and long multiplication. Finally, before Christmas we will recap what we know about fractions: equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions as well as addition and subtraction of fractions.



During English this half term, we will be looking at how we can write in a more formal, non-fiction setting. We will mix this new skill with use of higher tier vocabulary and try to improve the standard of our wirtten work. Editing work to improve will be a key focus.

Throughout English, our focus for grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) will be to recap the 8 word classes and look at how we can improve our writing. This term we are focusing on extending our sentences using conjunctions, parenthesis and additional clauses. We will be focusing on ensuring punctuation is correct taking one sentence at a time approach. 

 We will continue to practise the Year 5 and 6 spelling words, focusing on homophones and morphology. Children will also learn to add the newer words that they are learning to their English book to show the growing vocabulary that they have available.



This half term some of us will continue to use Lexia daily. We will be having regularly Reading Comprehensions looking at a story based around suspense and tension will be used and will be a class-wide comprehension.



This half term we are going to focus on forces and their impact on the world around us. We will be looking at the famous scientists and what they discovered. We will be writing up and carrying out investigations linked to our topics.



This half term, we are focusing on landscapes and how to draw 3D images. We will consider looking at buildings from different perspectives and ensure to understand what parts of buildings are hidden behind other buildings from different angles. We will consider how to draw 3D shapes as well as include depth and detail to our work.



PE will be developing our core, working on regular fitness and healthy eating as well as playing games with the family. Bat and ball games is going to be the key area where possible with Hockey as a focus. Focusing on hand-eye coordination is key in many sports and we will aim to do this over the next half term. 



This half term we will be creating PowerPoint slides, understanding how to create a presentation, adding animations and transitions and then begin to present their findings. We will learn skills based around the internet also to show how an effective search can differ from a general search. We will be focussing on how to stay safe when online.