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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y5 Curriculum

Summer term 2nd half term:

Our next topic is Mysteries! As you are aware, all our current learning is though home-learning on Seesaw, therefore we will be focusing on recapping our prior knowledge from this year. We will be focusing on using our research skills and knowledge to find out about London, creating mysteries and recapping fluency Maths skills. Additionally, we will set up activities in the afternoon to do in order to keep children active with their minds as well as physically. Children are using Seesaw and uploading work regularly. The medium-term plan is attached but may change depending on where we are going as we journey through this half term.



This half term we will be recapping the four operations and place value. We will be looking at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 using decimals numbers by thinking about the place values and when they are needed a place holder. We will be focusing on conversions of units of measure and then recapping the four operations in word problems. We will recall how to convert units of measurements knowing how one unit is linked to the next e.g. 100cm = 1m. The home-learning will be responsive to the children’s need. 



During English this half term, we will be recapping how to build up suspense in our writing by writing mysteries. We will be using the London Eye Mystery as a stimulus. We will be recapping the landscapes of London and begin to create our own mystery by learning to give hints throughout a piece of text. We will also be looking at how to write using dialogue and thinking about how to write from different perspectives.

Throughout English, our focus for grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) will be to recap the 8 word classes and look at how we can improve our writing. This term we are focusing on extending our sentences using conjunctions, parenthesis and additional clauses. We will be focusing on ensuring punctuation is correct taking one sentence at a time approach. 

 We will continue to practise the Year 5 and 6 spelling words, focusing on homophones and morphology. Children will also learn how to convert nouns into adjectives by using -ate, -ise and -ify. 



This half term some of us will continue to use Lexia daily. We will be having regularly Reading Comprehensions looking at the London Eye Mystery in detail. Reading will occur daily in a given period of time schedule which children are urged to read for at least 30 minutes a day.



This half term we are going to focus on materials and their properties. We will consider why certain materials are used for specific jobs and why some materials do not have the correct properties for other jobs. 



In RE this half term we are starting to look at recapping our knowledge on Buddhism. We will look at who Buddha is and what the middle way looks like, we will reflect our own life’s and think about what good and wrong doings have happened, how we can support our friends and become better versions of ourselves.  



We will look at major cities around the world and their importance to their countries and culture. We will consider the difference between rural and urban areas and understanding why people travel to major cities such as London.



During History, we will look at the history of mysteries and London. We will consider looking at changes to London over time and how London has developed over the years recapping on how we can be sustainable and thinking how to support the environment - which we looked at throughout this year. 



This half term, we are focusing on landscapes and how to draw 3D images. We will consider looking at buildings from different perspectives and ensure to understand what parts of buildings are hidden behind other buildings from different angles. We will consider how to draw 3D shapes as well as include depth and detail to our work.



As we are at home, PE will be developing our core, working on regular fitness and healthy eating as well las playing games with the family. Bat and ball games is going to be the key area where possible. Focusing on hand-eye coordination is key in many sports and we will aim to do this over the next half term. 



We are going to be looking at how to hold a tune as well as sing in parts. We will also be creating a beat to go along with our song using various instruments. We will use some technology to help us create an array of sounds and tunes.  We will be using apps to support us as well as greeting emotions throughout the music we create. 



This half term, we are going to work on pets and animals. We will focus on different groups of animals and how to compare them. Using Languagenut will help us do this while we are home-learning. 



During this difficult time, we are going to focus on how to remain positive, where to get help when we are stuck and how to cope when things change. This will be changing over the half term depending on feedback from the children and parents during this tricky time. 



This half term we will be creating PowerPoint slides, understanding how to create a presentation, adding animations and transitions and then begin to present their findings. We will be looking at presented the different landscapes on London, learning how to use reliable sources.