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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y6 Curriculum

Year 6 Information

We are back! I hope you are all ready for 2022! We have lots of fun things planned for this term and look forward to sharing them with you.

Our topic is Marvellous Maya. It is a history-based topic which looks at the ancient civilisation of the Maya, they are famous for their settlements, predictions of the future and interesting historical inputs in the Central American area (near modern-day Mexico).


Our Topic, Marvellous Maya is primarily a History topic building on for learning that we have done in the past years but we will be looking at different subjects such as D&T and Geography too.


In maths, we are going to be revising and consolidating our knowledge of the four operations, place value and fractions that we have learnt earlier in Year 6. We will be focussing on the Reasoning paper over the next 6 weeks and learning about other areas in maths such as Geometry, Ration and Proportion as well as problem solving methods. Learning important exam techniques to help with our SATS. We will also be furthering our understanding of shapes and angles to refresh our memory of the Year 5 and Year 4 learning.


This half-term, we will focus on reading for learning and reading for enjoyment. We will be having 45 minutes comprehension lessons to consolidate our understanding of retrieval and inference. We will attempt similar questions that would be found in the SATS to help prepare our exam technique. 

Alongside comprehension, we will be revising and refining our GPS knowledge to prepare us for out writing. These will be 30 minutes sessions focusing on reminding children of things they need to remember in their cross-curricular writing. This will allow them to be fully equipped when it comes to the writing assessments in Year 6 but also make sure they are ready and prepared for their transition into Year 7. 

Our first text types will be writing myths and legends linked to the Maya as well as instruction texts linked again to the Maya. Through the Maya myths we will be able to learn about their beliefs and history whilst also showing our Year 6 level vocabulary and description. Our instructions will be based around our D&T of creating food from Central America.


To start our DT journey we will immediately design a Maya Mask as our hook before moving on to create a complete Maya-inspired food menu. We will learn about food preparation and where it comes from in the world. Culminating in a complete meal inspired by the Central American people.


In the past term we focussed a lot on our drawing skills and improving our detailed sketching. To complete our pictures to a Year 6 level we will need to practice our painting - this involves accurately and effectively selecting colours. Painting our own Maya masks and recreations of famous artists such as Frieda Kahlo and Catherwood who are both Maya and Central American inspired artists.


We will be using our Ipad time this term to learn how to debug and build effective codes through the use of apps. We will be using loops and algorithms to make our lives easier. Last year we started to play systematic games but this year - we design the games!


We will have PE on a Monday and a Friday. Monday's session will be an outdoor session learning Tag Rugby and the Friday session will be in the hall based around dance.


Our class were so good at Spanish in the Autumn term that we are going to carry on from the learning that we did last year. We will primarily be recapping the vocabulary from last year and learning even more content this year. Building up the responses that we use and remembering key words.


Year 6 will be looking at a range of different religions focussing on their different beliefs, practises and rituals. We will compare the major religions and look at the similarities as well as the differences.


We are focussing on composing music and building on the outstanding learning that we did when listening and analysing music in the past term. Using a range of instruments we will create and perform our own pieces of music.