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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y6 Curriculum

Year 6 Information


Because of the pandemic, our entire school have the topic of superheroes for the first four weeks. This is intended to get the children back into the mindset of school and build routines we may have lost during lockdown. Year 6 will be creating their own superhero and drawing them in motion.

For the final weeks of this half term, we will be looking at the history of music and each child will need to decide who they think the greatest musician of all time is. 


This half term we will be revisiting learning from year 5. We will consolidate our learning so that we can begin to fill in missed learning from lockdown. We will be looking at: prime numbers, factors, multiples and rounding to start. By week 4, we will be focusing on place value and begin to build on our previous knowledge. 


This half term will be focused on sentence structure. We will be looking back on what we have learned previously in school and practising writing different types of sentences. It is important that we keep revisiting sentence structure to ensure our sentences are making sense. We will be focusing on using complex sentences with a range of word classes to make our writing more engaging. We will use all of this to create descriptions of our own superheroes and making sure we are using relative and subordinating clauses.


This half term, some of us will continue to use Lexia daily. The rest of the class will begin to look at further reading comprehension skills. This will be a daily session where children will look at various question styles as well as how to solve inference questions. We are particularly focused on understanding words in context. 


This half term, we are going to focus on movement in art. We will create jointed figures to help us understand how the human body moves. We will then use all this knowledge to create our own superhero. 


This half term we are going to be doing cheerleading with Mrs Eastland. We even have our own pompoms!


We are going to revise basic skills including greetings, numbers and colours. We will be also be moving on to describing where we live using language nut to help us.