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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

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Y6 Curriculum

Year 6 Information


We are finally here - that strange time of year when we start to think about transitions into secondary school. The children will have so many things happening this half-term that learning will be a little more disjointed than normal! We have the excitement of PGL and the chance to meet some teachers from out new school. While all this happens, we will be practising our end of year performance (which will be virtual) and putting together our memory books! What a busy half-term. 

This half term, maths will focus on filling in gaps identified through the SATs tests and teacher assessments. The children will continue to build their understanding and consolidate their knowledge ready for Year 7. 

As you all know, writing assessments must take place. Therefore, we will spend a week focused on up-leveling and improving some previous pieces of work. I know the children will work incredibly hard - they have all come a long way with their writing and should be proud. This is the chance to show it off. 

Our topic is the GREEKS! It should be a nice way to round off the school year and their time in primary. We will visit the Greek Gods, have an explore of some of the myths and legends and delve into the life of an ancient Greek! Don't forget to have a watch of Hercules at home! 


Our Topic, for Summer 1, is The Blitz. We will be learning about World War II and exploring many different aspects of the War itself. In class, we hope to build Anderson Shelters and explore the impact heavy bombing had on the lives of people. We will be exploring the role of women in the war and the effect of the war on children as well as thinking about the role of rationing. Later on in the half term, we will be learning about the Holocaust and thinking about what we, ourselves, can learn from such devastating historical events.


In maths, we are going to be revising and consolidating our knowledge of the four operations, as well as practising reasoning problems including ratio and proportion. Our first four weeks will be focused on getting the children ready and confident to take the SATs tests on the week of May 10th. 


This half-term, we will focus on reading for learning and reading for enjoyment. We will be having 45 minutes comprehension lessons to consolidate our understanding of retrieval and inference. We will attempt similar questions that would be found in the SATS to help prepare our exam technique. 

Alongside comprehension, we will be revising and refining our GPS knowledge to prepare us for out writing. These will be 30minutes sessions focusing on reminding children of things they need to remember in their cross-curricular writing. This will allow them to be fully equipped when it comes to the writing assessments in Year 6 but also make sure they are ready and prepared for their transition into Year 7.