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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y6 Curriculum

Year 6 Information


Year 6 had such a great autumn term. We return to school in strange times again and are doing our spring schooling through remote learning. This will be a mixture of virtual zoom sessions and independent work. We will continue to progress through the curriculum, extending and deepening the children's Year 6 knowledge. 

Our topic for this half-term is the Mayans. It is a great chance to delve into the mysteries of history. Where did the Mayans go? We will have the chance to explore thier food, religions, temples and more! We will try to make the remote learning as interactive as possible and maintain that same engagement we would get in school! Our Mayan topic will be explored through Art, History, Geography and English


For the first few weeks of half-term, we will be exploring arithmetic. We will be looking at the four operations in more detail. We will explore fractions, decimals and percentages. Later on in the half-term, we will be looking at shape and measure and, also, ratio and proportion. Although we have revised these topics before, we will begin building on this knowledge. 


Last term, we dived in to the world of Narnia. This term, we explore the Maya civilisations. We will be reading Maya myths and legends and using these to create our own. We will follow up by developing our understanding of non-chronological reports. We will use everything we have learned and do our own research to create our own non-chronological report about the Mayans. 


In science, we will be building on our knowledge of light from Year 3. We will explore how light works. We will be exploring: reflection, refraction and shadows. 


RE lessons will give us the chance to explore our understanding of connection and belonging. We will be thinking about and discussing different ceremonies in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We will continue to relate these questions to our own experiences and understanding of the world around us.  



Year 6 had a great start to Autumn term. We have spent a lot of time building up routines and reminding ourselves of covid-friendly transitions. Now we are back into the swing of things, we can delve further into the curriculum and begin exploring some new learning. 

This half-term, our topic is Inheritance and Evolution. We will have the opportunity to explore natural selection and differences within species caused by inheritance and mutations. We will further explore this by looking at photos of our own families and exploring why offspring may not be identical to their parents. It will also give us the chance to compare theories and evidence in order to support our own opinions. 

We will interlink this topic throughout all foundation subjects so that we are able to experience a deeper level of learning. 


For the first few weeks of half-term, we will be exploring fractions, decimals and percentages. We will look at simplifying fractions, finding equivalents and begin comparing and ordering fractions. We will revisit this later on in the year and strengthen our understanding of adding and subtracting fractions. We will follow this up with ratio and proportion, algebra, geometry and translation all skills that will be further refined in the year ready for the SATS. 


This half term will be focused on "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. We will be begin by exploring setting and atmosphere. We will put ourselves into Lucy's shoes and think about what it might be like to be walking through a wardrobe into a new and exciting world. We will further our learning by beginning to use speech to move a story on and continue into the later of half of autumn by looking at the story from the perspective of Mr Tumnus. We will have some exciting Narnia displays to share with you, so do look out for these on SeeSaw and the website gallery.  


Three times a week, we will be working on our comprehension skills. We will look at a text together and begin to explore the vocabulary, focus on retrieval questions and practice and apply our skills of reasoning and evidence to inference type questions. Where we are able to, we will take our learning further by exploring purpose and viewpoint, text organisation and writers' use of language. 


In art, we will be working towards creating a piece of artwork showcasing a created animal. This will link with our science based topic and we will be exploring the features an animal needs to survive in particular climates. Children will choose their method of creating their final piece; collage, charcoal, paint, sketch etc. 


This half term we will continue to be doing cheerleading with Mrs Eastland. We even have our own pompoms!


This half-term with Mr Worton-Geer, we will be studying jobs, professions, where people work, earning money, spending money and our numbers from 21-30. We will further our vocabulary skills. 


We will use our IPads to create a presentation using PowerPoint. We will showcase our technology skills by using a variety of fonts, animations, transitions and notes. We will use these skills to present the class with our own research on a chosen animal. Therefore, we will also need to focus on our research skills. We will use search engines safely and effectively and decide which information is from trusted sources. We will think about the animal's habitat, environment, features, adaptations to survive and related species.  


We will have to opportunity to learn about Hinduism and Sikhism, this half term. We will study the stories, gods and symbols and relate them back to our lives. We will have time to reflect on stories with a moral and think about how the values from both religions could be incorporated into our own lives.