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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Y6 Curriculum

Year 6 Information

This half term we are looking at the Maya who lived thousands of years ago. There will be lots of History covered this half term and are looking to make this learning as enjoyable for everyone as possible. You will have had some topic based homework over the holidays and some of the projects which have been brought in are frankly brilliant! I enjoy reading the posts and pictures uploaded on Seesaw.

We will enjoy recipes such as the hot chocolate that they invented in South America, we will experiment with their art and see what other fun we can have!


This half term we are going to finish off looking at the arithmetic test and covering the skills learning that was learnt before Christmas. First up this half term is decimals, we will be looking at the place value of numbers and also multiplying and dividing these by 10, 100 and 1000. Moving on from this we will look at decimals and their use in the world and multiplying and dividing these by numbers to solve worded problems. Linking these lessons to last half term we will convert between fractions and decimals. Once we have learnt about these topics we will finish with percentages and calculating the percentages of amounts - just in time for those January sales.


During English this half term, we are going to look at instruction writing, understanding the importance of imperative verbs as well as clear instructions. We will be following these instructions to create Maya hot chocolate before moving onto writing myths and legends which are linked to the Marvellous Maya - myths and legends about their Gods which would have been spread word of mouth. Finally, linking the myths to last half term's learning we will write stories linked to the Maya.

Throughout English, grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) skills will be taught. This half term we are focusing on: past progressive, present perfect and tenses in general; phrases. parenthesis, verb forms and standard English.

During our handwriting this half term, we are going to focus on extending our sentences recapping the skills that we have covered in the previous term. We are ensuring that our sentences are punctuated correctly and children are double-checking where capital letters and full stops go!

We will continue to follow our No-nonsense spelling programme which will continue to look at homophones, apostrophes, dictation and the sounds or spellings ough and silent consenants eg. thumb.


This half term some of us will continue to use Lexia daily. The rest of the class will begin to look at further reading comprehension skills. This will be a daily session where children will look at various question styles as well as how to solve inference questions. Additionally, we have a 40-minute reading comprehension lesson where we are continuing to learn about the different types of questions that could be asked e.g. retrieve, predict and explain.


We are going to look at how the world has changed since the Maya period. We will be looking at an exclusively Year 6 topic of evolution and inheritance. Comparing similarities and differences between animals and people allows us to see how we should keep adapting and understand why some animals are adapted live in certain parts of the world.


In RE this half term we are going to begin to look at death in different religions-building on from the St Clare's visit last half term.  We will discuss what they are and reflect on how we would feel if we followed these religions. We will discuss how other religions may see this more differently. We will continue to use the exploRE documents.  


We will be continuing to look at South America- where the Maya established themselves. We will complete a map showing their location as well as studying the use of maps and map skills from the times that the Maya were discovered looking at grid references. We will look at human geography including the temple at Chichen Itza.


During History, we will discuss the many differences between our societies. Looking at the way that the Maya worshipped their Gods, wrote using hieroglyphics, compare their society to other civilisations from later in History. Ordering key dates related to the Maya.


This half term, we are focusing on drawings. We are going to learn how to draw the nazca lines in a one continuous line technique. The children will be drawing in detail Maya symbols and hieroglyphics. The build up for the children will focus on sketching accurately (a good practise for secondary school) as well as retrying to draw a picture as best as they can.


This half term we are going be learning how to play netball. We will look at the importance of passing and moving effectively, working as a team in order to make progress together. We are going to focus on the importance of space awareness as well as shooting hoops. Learning that the positions have different responsibilities. Additionally, we will be learning a dance from Mrs Eastland, we will incorporate Maya dance moves and make it a class presentation for the parents near the end of this half term.


We are going to be looking at how to sing in parts as well as hold a tune. We will also be creating a beat to go along with our song using various instruments. We will use some technology to help us create an array of sounds and tunes.  Learning to write music is a key step for our children.


We are going to revise basic skills including greetings, numbers and colours. We will be also be moving on to describing where we live using language nut to help us.


This half term we will be focusing on coding. We are going to be using swift playgrounds using simple codes following the apple program. We will then develop our games using the ‘if and then’ function to increase the game features as well as challenges for the user and the creator.