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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Year 1

Notices & Reminders


This is the email address if you need to contact me:-


This half term's homework has been posted in the homework section. Please remember that reading AND Numbots should be daily. We've noticed that children are not using Numbots as regularly as they should be. We've added some suggestions for activities linked to our English and Maths focus this half term as well as some topic related ideas. 

Please do email if you are unable to access the homework page. 

We look forward to seeing all your wonderful work on Seesaw. Again, do let us know if you cannot access Seesaw. 

Mrs Higgs 

Autumn 2

Hello everyone, 

We're all back in the swing of things already. We've had a great start to this half term and enjoyed a visit from Rainbow and Sunny the guinea pigs this week. There are a small selection of pictures in the year 1 gallery. 

Our topic this half term is "In the Wild". This is a slight change from the original title of "On Safari". The slight shift gives us access to a greater range of texts. 

Mrs Higgs 

Wednesday 30th September 2020


I have had a few queries regarding Seesaw which have baffled me as a complete novice. However, I have worked out the issues some of you have been experiencing with uploading work. The QR codes that were given to me to issue were for the wrong app - 'Seesaw family'. I have sourced the correct codes today for 'Seesaw class' and will send them home tomorrow so please keep an eye out in the book bags! Sorry for any confusion caused. 

Any theme linked homework can be uploaded using this code as a photograph or document, I believe (please refer back to notice status!).

You will see images and work appear on Seesaw from teachers from time to time - they are for use in class when we have access to the iPads. If we upload any tasks for homework, we will make it clear for parents. Homework tasks can be accessed in the homework tab on the left of this page. 

Mrs Higgs 


Tuesday 29th September 2020

Hello Everyone, 

Homework and book changing

We just wanted to make you aware that Homework has been posted on the homework tab for year 1. Homework should be completed weekly - at least one piece per week. Please share your child's work via Seesaw - we ask that you don't send anything into school.

Daily homework: Reading and Numbots. 

Reading books will be changed when books have read twice (we need to see evidence of this in the diary). Reading books twice helps develop fluency. Please remind your child in the morning that they need to hand their book in for changing if it has been read twice. We would also like you to know that the children are choosing their own books in link with the stage we've identified so if they come home with a book they've read before they must really like that one!

Many thanks, 

Mrs Higgs & Mrs Carroll-Lane



Tuesday 15th September 2020

Hello everyone!

Your children will be bringing home an invitation for Seesaw - an online learning platform (replaces Tapstry). I've attached a sheet below with instructions and FAQs. 

Our teacher meet presentation will be uploaded on Seesaw tomorrow so do get yourselves logged on as soon as you can. 

Kind regards, 

Mrs Higgs


Wednesday 9th September 2020

I would like to echo Mrs Carroll-Lane's warm words of how lovely it has been to be back with the children. I'm sure many of you are aware that we are all tiring easily at the moment, however the children are keen to be in class to impress us with their behaviour and knowledge. 

We tried P.E. today for the first time as a whole class. Ordinarily, we would have done this well before year 1! A few children did not have their kit today. Could I please ask that all P.E. kits are in school A.S.A.P. but no later than Monday morning? Provisionally our P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday. If this changes, we will endeavour to let you know A.S.A.P. P.E. is also weather dependant, as it must be carried out outside (please ensure your child has suitable outdoor P.E. clothing).

As you may be aware, we are unable to support children with dressing due to social distancing advice. On that note, we would appreciate your support to encourage your children to practise dressing and undressing as independently as possibly at home - particularly buttons and putting clothes in the right way. It may even be worth introducing a timer and a reward system for some of the children. Please avoid tights on P.E. days and consider skirts or trousers instead of dresses, for the girls, as some had difficulty removing them. 

On a different note, a few of the girls let their hair down at school today - there was definitely a domino effect going on! As with dressing and undressing, we are unable to help children with their hair due to social distancing advice so if you could reinforce this at home it would be much appreciated - I'm sure we'd all like to avoid visits from the creepy crawlies! 

Please do move as much into view of myself and Mrs Carroll-Lane at the end of day collection as soon as possible and when safe to do so and we will endeavour to dismiss the children to you as swiftly as possible. We do ask that, once children are collected, parents head out of school as soon as possible. If your child has left anything in the classroom, please make the teacher aware the next day - sending children back in for forgotten items will slow the flow at the end of the day and we really to want to keep all of our school community safe. We will endeavour to remind pupils of all their belongings they need to have. 

The children are really beginning to know the new routines that we are developing together and learning their way around the classroom - we're already developing a sense of belonging. I have also witnessed many acts of kindness with children supporting each other where adults would normally help. It has been lovely to see the compassion the children show a hurt or upset classmate too! I'm incredibly proud of them. 

Thank you for your support. 

Mrs Higgs 

Monday 07-09-20

Dear parents/carers

Hello everyone and welcome back! It was lovely to have back in my classroom a full house of happy smiling children again! I can't believe it has been six months since we were all together. All the children adapted really well to the current routine, better than I did!

The next few weeks are going to be challenging as we all discover what works and what doesn't. It's all going to be trial and error. There will probably be changes that might need to take immediate action and I will try to let you know as soon as possible via our webpage. I will do my best to keep up to date with these changes or any other news but I will apologise in advance if I don't do this quick enough. If you have any questions about anything please do email me on the class email and I will reply as soon as I can. I will take this opportunity to remind you to use the Year 1 email address which is at the top of the page.

Mrs. Higgs and myself are taking this week to listen to children read and try to gauge accurately where they are. This might mean that it looks like your child may have gone back on a Band but it will probably be short lived until things start to smooth out so please bare with us. Also, to avoid touching the reading books and Reading Records as much as possible, we need to leave a few days between you hearing your child read and us hearing them read and change books. This might mean that your child could be listened to, and have their books read once a week. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. 

A fruit delivery will be in school tomorrow (Tuesday 08-09-20) but this will not be available for the children to eat until Wednesday. Therefore, if you wish your child to have a snack tomorrow, then please send in something from home. Remember this should be a healthy snack.

I need to remind you that the drop off time is still staggered, however, if the door is open, which will be at 8:40 am (and not before) kiss your child at the gate and send them on through by themselves to the classroom. Please do not come through the gate. We need to continue with the quick, free flow of parents/carers who 'kiss, drop and go'!

I also need to remind you to send your child in with a water bottle. We are unable to provide cups for the children, and this includes lunch time, so it is really important they have access to drinking water throughout the day.

Please make sure your child has warm clothes to wear. The classroom is extremely well ventilated with our doors and windows needed to be kept open all day, which can sometimes means it can be a bit chilly!

I think that is all for now, but watch this space!

Stay safe!

Mrs. Carroll-Lane


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