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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

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Year 1

Notices & Reminders

Friday 3 April 2020

Good Morning Children
As I won't see you today in our celebration assembly I just wanted to say how very proud I am of all the home learning you have been doing over the last two weeks.  Your teachers have been showing me the wonderful things you have been doing and they look great. If you haven't uploaded work onto tapestry or seesaw then please do.  Our value of the month is reflectiveness and I wanted to ask you all to spend five minutes reflecting on how resilient you have been over the last 2 weeks, coping with a very different way of learning.
We break up for the Easter holidays this afternoon, at 1:30 pm, but I will see you back here, on your class page, on Monday 20th April at 9 am. 
Happy Easter
Stay Safe
Mrs Spearman

Wednesday 1st April 2020 – Friday 3rd April 2020

Hi everyone!

Welcome to April!

Will you be playing any April Fools Jokes on your family today?! I intend to wake my teenage children up in a minute and tell them it’s lunchtime just to get them out of bed!

Here is the work for the next few days; remember not to complete it all in one day! Give yourself some time to be with your family and play some games or help with the cooking! Just do whatever you can manage.

9am – Joe Wicks PE lesson each day



5-10 minutes on Numbots each day.

Complete lessons on capacity (white rose maths – see link below)

Wednesday – lesson 3

Thursday – lesson 4

Friday – lesson 5

I have uploaded a few extra sheets on seesaw of maths calculations that you might like to practice. These are things we have already covered in class so you should be able to remember how to do them.



Complete the rest of the activities related to the Saving Easter story

Wednesday – imagine you are the Easter Bunny. Write a thankyou letter to the animals to thank them for everything they did. I have uploaded a template on seesaw if you wish to use it; there are three different types so choose the one that suits you best.

Thursday – Draw a large Easter egg, decorate it with patterns and colour it in and then write a description of it. If you take a photo of it and upload it onto seesaw I will paste them altogether and then share it with you all so that you can see what everyone has done.

Friday – Write your own Easter Bunny story.


Reading – read for 10 minutes each day. I have uploaded another reading comprehension for you to work through over the next few days.

Below is a link to a free resource that publishes lots of e-books that you might like to look at.  I have posted the link before but thought I would just remind you that it is there if you want to take a look. However I am aware that we don’t want the children spending lots of their time looking at screens so try and make sure they have an appropriate balance.


I have also uploaded another story for you; I hope you enjoy it!


Phonics – continue working through the sentence sheets that I uploaded yesterday. You should find these straightforward to do as they are just getting you to practice the phase 5 phonemes that you already know.


Other activities

Drama – follow Sam Ashford’s online drama activities on you tube. Scroll down to find the link if you haven’t already been on. We had fun in my house playing the “What ya doin’?” game especially when I made my son do 50 star jumps!! He has some great activities that the whole family can get involved in.

Yoga – if you type in cosmic yoga into you tube there are some really good sessions for the children to follow.

Scavenger hunts – I have uploaded a few scavenger hunts onto seesaw. They are good fun and you can also make up your own themed one. Maybe you could make up an Easter scavenger hunt and upload it onto seesaw and then I can send it out to everyone. Remember to wash your hands when you have finished!

PE – stand on your head, stick your tongue out, blink three times and wiggle your toes………………… only joking! APRIL FOOLS!!!!


I am in school all day tomorrow but I will try and check in with you all on Friday and add anything extra that I think you might need.

Just keep going. We have almost completed another week and from the sounds of things your children are happy and healthy which is the most important thing. Just by spending time together you are adding valuable experiences to your child’s life; you are all doing a great job!

Stay safe everyone

Nancy Nicolson



Hi everyone - I forgot to mention the Joe Wicks workout at 9am but I'm hoping this has become part of your daily routine now! I am doing it everyday as well and it's quite tough!! Are you going to dress up on Friday? I might put a note on seesaw for your ideas so keep checking!


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning to you all.

The sun is shining at the moment so hopefully it will be a bright day today and you can get outside for some fresh air.

Today's work:-

Maths - capacity lesson 2 from White Rose Maths (see link below)


English - I hope you all enjoyed the story of the Easter Bunny and how he needed help to save Easter! Your writing task today is to imagine that you are the Easter Bunny and you need help with getting all the eggs ready. You need to make an advert so that you can get the right animal for the job. I have uploaded a template on seesaw if you want to use it but you can make up your own one if you wish. There are 3 different templates you can use so just choose one of them.


Reading - read a book for 5-10 minutes or longer if you can. In your home learning book, write about what you have read e.g. who the characters are, the setting and what happens or if it is a non-fiction book write about some of the facts you have found out.


Phonics - Practise reading all the phase 5 phonemes - I have uploaded a phoneme mat on seesaw to help you. Then have a go at reading the sentences that I have uploaded and changing a word each time. You can just do one of the sentences and then try another one tomorrow. It would be great to see the sentences written in your home learning book.


Science/PE - I would like you to think about how different animals move. Try and describe how a snake moves and how a frog moves. You can record these sentences in your home learning book. Then think about other animals and how they move. I would like you to try moving like that animal. Try and do this activity outside if you can so that you have lots of space and can make the most of the fresh air! you can then record what you did in your home learning book e.g.

I can jump like a frog.

Here are some words to help you:-

climb, hop, jump, leap, crawl, slither, canter, slide, prowl

You can add some extra words if you need to and do some further research about that animal if you would like to challenge yourself!

Have a good day. You are all doing so well and I really miss seeing your lovely faces but hopefully we will be back together soon. 

Mrs Nicolson



Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend and managed to enjoy some of the sunshine. I have loved looking at all your work on seesaw and the effort you are all making is amazing. Well done! Remember even if you can only do a little bit it will really help to keep your brain active.


Maths (daily)

Start with 5-10 minute on Numbots.

The next sequence of white rose maths activities are all about capacity.

Have a go at lesson 1 today.

If you would also like a bit of addition/subtraction practice I have uploaded a sheet onto seesaw, which the children have completed before – see if they can remember what to do.


English (whole week)

Reading – read a book for 5-10 minutes. You could always video your child  reading so that I can hear how they are doing but please remember not to include their lovely faces in line with safeguarding regulations.

I have also uploaded a reading comprehension sheet on seesaw. There is a story to read and then there are three different sheets of questions. Each sheet has a star in the corner – the one star is straightforward questions, 2 stars are a bit harder and 3 stars are more challenging. The children don’t need to answer each sheet but choose the sheet they can best do. The answers are there for them to check afterwards.


Writing – I have uploaded a story about the Easter Bunny onto seesaw. Read it and then complete the following activities:-

Monday – read the story and draw a story map of what happened in the correct order.

Tuesday – imagine you are the Easter Bunny. Write an advert to ask for help with making the eggs. There will be a sheet to help you on seesaw.

Wednesday – imagine you are the Easter Bunny. Write a thank you letter to the animals to thank them all for their help. I will upload a sheet to help you with this if you want to use it.

Thursday – draw an Easter egg and decorate it with patterns and colours. Then write some descriptions of it.

Friday – Have a go at writing your own Easter Bunny story – maybe you could think of another problem? Maybe someone steals all the eggs and the Easter Bunny has to find them!


Phonics – Hunt around your house and garden and see if you can find objects that have the following graphemes in them:-

ar (as in car),  ur(as in fur), oi (as in soil), ear (as in beard), air (as in chair), er (as in rubber), ure (as in treasure)


Music – sing the song ‘Old McDonald had a farm’. Make sure you include the animal sounds. You could then think about making that sound using things you have in the house or garden e.g. when you sing about the sheep you could make the baa sound using spoons tapped together! See how creative you can be!


Don’t forget to email me if you have any questions.

Have fun!

Nancy Nicolson


Work for Friday 27th March 2020


5-10 minutes on Numbots

Complete lesson 4 and 5 if possible on weight and mass (scroll down for the link)


English - ongoing activities (scroll down for more details)


Make sure you read for at least 5-10 minutes.

I have uploaded a video on seesaw of myself reading a story for you as I miss not being able to read a story to you each day! I hope you enjoy it. I read it whilst sitting outside in the sunshine which is a great place for sharing a story. Please comment if you can answer any of the questions I asked.


Sam Ashford has posted another drama video on you tube for you all to watch. I watched it today and the story he told was brilliant! He wants you all to suggest what the next bit of the story could be so make sure you leave a comment for him!

A few fun things you might like to do seeing as it is Friday!

  • make a den either inside or outside
  • colour in a colouring book
  • play I spy
  • roll balls down the stairs
  • do coin rubbings with paper and crayons



At 10:00am those of us in school will be singing happy birthday to all the children who have had a birthday this week just like we would normally do. Please join in with us at home if you can! 

Have a great weekend everyone. You are all working so hard to make this successful so well done!

Nancy Nicolson


Work for Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello everyone.

I hope you have been giving the Joe Wickes PE lesson a go. I did it this morning and it was hard work but I felt good once I had finished. Remember exercise is very good for your mental health too.

Work for tomorrow:

9:00am Joe Wickes PE lesson



5-10 minutes Numbots

Complete 3rd lesson on mass and weight


English – ongoing work on Oliver’s Vegetables

I am also going to upload on seesaw a document to remind the children what a noun is. They can then make a list of nouns around the house and write it in their books.



  1. Read a book of their choice for 5-10 minutes
  2. I have uploaded a reading comprehension sheet on seesaw for you to complete. The answer sheet is also there so that you can check your child’s responses.



The children need to look at the sheet I have uploaded on seesaw to sort words that have the ‘igh’ sound.


Have fun!

Nancy Nicolson


Work for Wednesday 25th March 2020

Well done everyone; you are all doing a great job.

9:00am Joe Wickes PE lesson



5-10 minutes on Numbots

Complete 2nd lesson on mass and weight (see below for the link)

You might also like to find objects around your house and weigh them on some scales so you can see which are heavier and which are lighter.

If you have some extra time you could write down some more number fact families for these numbers (remember to include addition and subtraction)

14, 9, 5

11, 6, 17



Carry on with the work on Oliver’s Vegetables

I have been searching online for ideas and I came across this link on facebook. It is a weekly story writing class for 5-7 year olds and I thought it sounded interesting.  The theme this week is On the Farm so very appropriate for us! Any feedback by email would be appreciated, or if you complete any activities or take photos please post them on seesaw.



I hope you have all managed to visit Sam Ashford’s online drama lesson – see information below for the link. I thought it was brilliant and have been playing ‘what’s in the box’ with my own children. I believe his next one is on Wednesday at around 5pm so make sure you check it out.



Practise spelling the tricky words:-

Said, so, have, like

They should read the word, look at the letters, cover the word up, then write the word, then uncover the word and check. Do this a few times until they are getting them all correct. You can then write the words within a sentence.



Tuesday 24-03-20

There will be an update letter from Clare Kershaw, Essex County Council on our corona virus webpage, this morning - please see the Corona Virus page- this will be up by lunch time today. 

Monday 23rd March 2020 5:30pm

Hi everyone.

I am enjoying seeing all the work you have been doing on seesaw. Keep it up!

Below are some updates for tomorrow:-


9:00am - PE lesson with Joe Wickes


Maths (rest of the week)

If you can, try and get your child to complete about 5-10 minutes on numbots each day. This will help them to develop their number fluency.

After this they can work on the following:-

There are 5 maths lessons on weight and mass to complete, one each day.  Please watch the video first, either with your child or they can watch it on their own.  Then complete ‘Get the activity’.  They can either save the document, edit it on seesaw once uploaded as a photo or pdf and save or complete it in their home learning book.



Carry on with the tasks based on Oliver's Vegetables (see Monday's work)


Daily reading - ongoing


Phonics (Tuesday)

I have uploaded a reading and writing activity on seesaw for the 'ee' phoneme. Please remember to email me if you are unable to access seesaw.


Drama (ongoing)

If you managed to go on Mr Ashford's you tube channel (the link is below) you would have heard how to play the game "What's in the box?" Try and play this with members of your family. You could always post a note on seesaw to let me know how it went. 

Keep going everyone!

Nancy Nicolson


Sunday 22nd March 2020 4:50pm

Hi everyone

I hope you have all had a good weekend as much as you possibly can in these difficult times; at least the sun has been shining for us!

Below is some ongoing work for this week and I will keep updating where necessary. When your child has completed the work please do remember to take a photo of it and post it on seesaw; I really do enjoy looking at what you have been doing. However please remember that in order to stick to GDPR guidelines you need to avoid photos with your child’s face in.

Please also remember you can email me with any work related questions at the following email address:-



At 9:00am each day the body coach Joe Wicks is leading a PE lesson for children to join in with. It would be great if the whole family could get involved and all join in – I will be doing it too as it is a great way to keep fit!


Maths (Monday)

If you can try and get your child to complete about 5-10 minutes on numbots each day. This will help them to develop their number fluency.

After this they can work on the following:-

I have uploaded a maths document onto seesaw with some maths activities to compare numbers – please help your child to complete these. They can either edit and write on the document and save it or complete it in their home learning book. If you have any problems accessing the document please let me know.


English (whole week)

If you have the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ at home please read it and share it with your child. If not then there are various you tube videos of adults reading the story which you can search for or use the link below:-

After sharing the book you could get your child to draw a story map of the story and add captions to each part of the story.

They could also complete some research about the different vegetables that Oliver found. They can draw the vegetable and write about how it grows and how it can be cooked/eaten.

They could watch and help you prepare some vegetables at dinner time (depending on what you can get hold of!) and write down some instructions for how to prepare them.

They can write a description of what the vegetable/meal tasted like.

They can describe a vegetable without giving away the name and then upload it and I can share them for us all to guess the vegetable!



Don’t forget to read each day if you can. I am currently waiting for access to Pearsons reading scheme books online. I will post the link as soon as I receive it.

In the meantime there are some free books on the Oxford Owl website that you can access (you need to register first)



Learn alternative spellings for the ai phoneme.

I have uploaded a phoneme spotter story onto seesaw. Read through it and see if you can spot all the different graphemes (spellings) used for the ai sound. You can either edit the document and circle them or you could write them in your book. The answers are on page 2 but have a go before you look at them!



Mr Ashford, our drama teacher, has put a link to his you tube account so that you can try out lots of drama activities with him. The link is below:-


I would also highly recommend taking advantage of the free login that twinkl are providing as you will find lots of resources to support your child with their home learning:-


How do I sign up for the free month?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS

Step 3: Share the offer code and website link with anyone who could benefit 

Remember if you have any questions please do email on the address above.

Happy Home learning!

Nancy Nicolson




20.03.2020  9:50pm

Good evening everyone

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the beautiful flowers you gave me for my birthday. It's not the best time to be having a 'special' birthday but your kind gift made me feel very happy. My birthday isn't actually for a few more weeks but my wonderful work colleagues decided to bring it forward a little so that I could have a little celebration. This obviously means that my birthday can now last for a few weeks and not just a day!

I will miss seeing the faces of your lovely children on Monday morning but even though I can't see you all I will be at the other end of a computer helping you as much as I can. I will check in with you on Monday morning and give you some more home learning tasks.

Have a great weekend, keep smiling and most importantly take care of each other.

Nancy Nicolson



Tomorrow (Friday 20th March) is dress happy day! It is our last day together as a school community for a while and so we felt it should be a celebration of all things positive. The children can wear anything that makes them happy - this could be a favourite jumper or even their pyjamas!! We will complete all our normal learning during the day alongside some well being and PSHCE activities. Please make sure that those of you at home take part in dress happy day too!

Please keep checking this page for learning and general updates.

The children should have all brought home the QR code to access the seesaw app. This is an app where the children can upload any work they have completed either by photo or video. It has been lovely to see some of the work a few children have already posted.

In line with our safeguarding policy, please remember to only take photos or videos of the learning your child has been doing - you should not upload any photos or videos containing images of your child or other people. 



If or when the school closes you can use the following email address to contact me with any questions regarding the home learning work that has been set:-

This also applies to parents/carers of children who are currently at home self-isolating.

Please do not use this email for any queries relating to anything other than the home learning. General queries should still go via the school office.

I will be checking these emails regularly and will reply where appropriate. The reply may be an email back to you or it may be information posted on this page so please keep checking.



The children have been sent home with home learning books today. These should be used to record the work that your child produces at home in response to any work that is set by myself. 

Currently we are still open but if or when we do close the children will be expected to complete their learning in these books. 

I know that some families are currently self-isolating so below are some activities for those children to complete over the next few days.


Read school reading book each day for at least 5 minutes. Answer some Rex Retriever questions where you need to go back into the text to find the answer.


Practise saying the ow phoneme as in 

ow in clown

ow in snow

Talk about the different ways to pronounce the sound. Write some words with the sound in for your child to read.


Use the following group of numbers to generate number sentences.

For example for the numbers 8, 5 and 3 you can write 5+3=8, 3+5=8, 8-3=5, 8-5=3

Try these numbers:-

12, 7, 5

4, 13, 9

6, 11, 5

10, 7, 17


Create a project about a farm animal. The project should include facts and information written down, a picture of the animal with labels and maybe a model.


Observe birds that you can see outside. What do they look like? What features can you see? Draw the bird in your book and label all the different features. You may want to look online for some media clips of birds moving around and flying.


The children really enjoyed completing the Just Dance activities last week. If you look on you tube and type in Just Dance you will find lots that you can practise at home - the whole family can get involved!


Please record all the work in the home learning book and check this page regularly for further updates.

Many thanks for your support and co-operation during this challenging time.

Nancy Nicolson




































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Superworm change books


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