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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Year 1

Notices & Reminders


It's that magical time of year again in school when Christmas starts taking over and we get very very busy with lots of fun activities! I will be popping lots of messages on here over the coming weeks with reminders about upcoming events so please keep checking this page reguarly. 

Firstly I would like to say a massive well done to all of Year One (and Two) for their amazing Christmas play.  We were so impressed with how confident you were on stage and we are extremely proud of you all.

Next Thursday is Panto (oh no it isn't).  Children need to arrive at school for normal time and we will be heading off about 9.  Children need to bring in a healthy snack and a drink to take to the panto.  We will have our lunch on our return to school.  Please send in a pack lunch on this day if you haven't ordered a lunch for your child.  

Friday afternoon is class party day - whoop! I will put a food list on the clipboard by Friday this week so if you could sign up to send in something yummy that would be great.

Friday is also Christmas jumper day. You do not need to send anything in for this just send your child in to school in a Christmas jumper if  they have one.  

Finally Friday after school is also the Christmas Bazaar (what a busy day) so we look forward to seeing you there supporting the event if you can.

Thank you 

Mrs Jackson



Please check the list below for costume requirements for the Y1 and Y2 Christmas play. Please can you send any outfits into school clearly labelled in a carrier bag by Wednesday 28th November If you have any questions please come and see one of the Y1 and Y2 teams.

Many thanks

Mrs Jackson and Mrs Nicolson



Hi all

Apologies for the delay with updating the mathletics activites.  I had a bit of trouble allocating them but they should be all working now. I've only allocated 8 this time.

On a completely different note our PE slots are changing due to timetabling changes across the school.  We will now have PE on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Mrs Jackson


Thank you everyone for attending the phonics workshop on Thursday.  I hope you found it useful.  Below are a list of links that were mentioned at the meeting. 

Sounds articulation:


Any further questions please ask.

Mrs Jackson


Phonics workshop

Hi all

Just to remind you that our phonics meeting is on Thursday 1st November at 9am with Mrs Higgs and myself to go through the screening arrangements for Year 1 phonics.  After the meeting we will go over to the classroom to play some phonics games with the children and hopefully give you some ideas to help practise phonics at home.

Mrs Jackson


As part of our Science work on seasonal changes we will be going on a wellie walk on Thursday 18th October.  Please can you send in suitable footwear such as wellie boots on this day.

Thank you


Hi all

Due to coach availability we have had to book our trip for the same day as the phonics meeting.  The meeting has now been rearranged to Thursday 1st November 9am in the hall.

Further to my notes regarding homework I just want to clear up a few points about number fact cards.

1. Number fact tests will happen on a 1 to 1 basis on a Friday morning (if the children are ready to be tested they've been told to put their card on my chair in the morning).

2. You do not need to record anything on the card.  We will tick off in school when they have achieved Bronze, Silver or Gold.

3. You do not have to record when your children has practised at home.  Their progress with their knowledge of number facts (and achievement of bronze, silver and gold certificates) will show me they have been practising.  

4.  All children need to start with the story of 2 and progress in order.

5. Children need to have a 'rapid recall' of the facts e.g. when we are working on the story of 3 we would simply say 3 and... 2 and... and children need to quickly fill in the missing number.

6. Bronze = facts in order, silver = in a random order, gold = subtraction.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Many thanks

Mrs Jackson




Please see the homework section of this page to see the Year One homework for the Autumn term.  The format is the same as they had in Reception except this year we have introduced a ‘Highly commended’ award which will take into account the effort that a child has put into their homework even if they have not completed all of the activities required to receive a bronze, silver or gold award.  

I have uploaded a homework tracker which can be completed each week to help spread out the homework.  It is not compulsory - just there to be used if it helps.  

The children will have number fact cards and will bring them home with their homework books.  An explanation of them can be found in the homework section.  

Children will have spellings to learn.  As this is their first term learning spellings I have set 6 spellings to learn over a 2 week period. I will do a very informal test once a fortnight so I can see progress.

If you have any questions about homework please ask.

Mrs Jackson



Hi all 

Just a couple of messages...

1. Please can you ensure that all cardigans and jumpers are clearly labelled. We have lots without any names in them.

2. I have sent home the children's reading books tonight. Unfortunately we do not have any zippy wallets in school so I have shown the children how to put their books inside the reading record and hopefully they will manage!

Thank you

Mrs Jackson 


Hello all

We had a lovely first day in Year One today.  The children were extremely well behaved and are getting into the flow of Year One life! A few things cropped up today that I just wanted to clarify...

1. Morning procedures

I have discussed with the children today that in the mornings I would like them to line up in the Year 2 playground behind our lunch trolley (we practised this morning).  I will be there from 8.40.  I have told the children that they need to give you hugs and kisses goodbye before they line up with all their bags, coats etc.  Once the bell goes I will walk the children to our classroom.  Please can you refrain from following us up the path as this cuts the children off in the line and we run the risk of the line getting broken up. Can you please follow towards the gate once all the children are in front.  If you have any messages that you wish to pass on e.g. your child is going home with Aunty, please can you write this on the clipboard on the Year 1 trolley.  A member of the Year One team will read the board when they take the register over at 9am.  If you arrive after we have walked into class then you can let your child in the gate at the Reception outdoor area.  

2. Book bags

A number of children came into school with large backpacks today.  Our cloakrooms are very small and get full very quickly with PE kits, coats, hats, scarves etc so we therefore store children's book bags in the children's trays. It would be really helpful if the children could use smaller bags; the book bags given to them by 'Friends Association' last year would be ideal.

3. Wellie boots

Children no longer need to have wellie boots stored at school permanently.  If we have a lesson coming up that we would need wellies for I will put a note on here for them to be sent into school for the lesson.

That's the main points for now! I look forward to seeing you at our Year One meeting on Friday (2:45pm in the Studio).  If you are unable to make the meeting please do not worry, I will put all notes of points raised on this class page.

Mrs Jackson


Our Routines




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Music with Mrs Bowerman






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Show and Tell (pm)

  Book changing for Red group Book changing for Blue, Green and Yellow groups Book changing for Red group Book changing for Blue, Green and Yellow groups

Show and tell timetable


14.09.18 Red and Blue group
Something you did/somewhere you went over the summer holiday
21.09.18 Green and Yellow group Something you did/somewhere you went over the summer holiday
28.09.18 Red and Blue group
Something to do with our theme of London
05.10.18 Green and Yellow group Something to do with our theme of London
12.10.18 Red and Blue group Something you enjoy doing outside of school
02.11.18 Green and Yellow group Something you enjoy doing outside of school
09.11.18 Red and Blue group A photo of a friend or family member who is special to you

16.11.18 Green and Yellow group

A photo of a friend or family member who is special to you
23.11.18 Red and Blue group Something you are proud of
30.11.18 Green and Yellow group Something you are proud of
07.12.18 Red and Blue group Free choice
14.12.18 Green and Yellow group Free choice