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Year 2

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Year 2 Updates


Good Morning everyone!

We are now entering our fourth week of home learning and I am so proud of all the work that the children have been producing. I know how hard it is for the children to work from home especially when parents/carers have work commitments too so I just wanted to say a very big well done!

We are planning to call all the children this week so that we can catch up with them and just have a chat over the phone. You may see "no caller id" displayed on your phone and it is probably likely to be myself, Mrs Ensinger or Miss Mills calling for a chat with your child.

The children (and you!) have been doing really well joining the live zooms each day. For me personally, it is lovely to see all their faces. I really miss them! They have been really good at keeping themselves on mute and we will continue doing this. Some children have been turining their screens off and I would ask you to make sure that they keep their screen on so I can see how they are all doing. I know how hard it is juggling the demands of home learning along with eveything else so please don't worry if you miss a live zoom session. The lesson powerpoint is always uploaded onto seesaw with the activities so you can access eveything there. I have tried to reduce the amount of live lessons to help with the logisitics of joining different zoom meetings so generally the timetable is as follows:-

8:50-9:00am Live zoom registration

9:00-9:20am Maths live lesson

10:15-10:35am English live lesson

11:15am live drop in session for any questions/help needed

1:30pm live lesson or drop in session for any questions/help needed

I always keep the zoom meeting open after the live lesson for any questions the children may have or for any help they need. 

At some point the children may be involved in extra zoom sessions over the coming weeks. Please remember that these sessions take priority over the normal timetable and the children do not have to then complete the class work that they have missed unless they want to.

Please do encourage your child to upload as much work as they can onto seesaw. It is lovely for us to see how they are getting on and we will give you feedback if needed. It also helps me to think about where we need to go next with the learning and if we need to revisit anything so do let me know if your child has any difficulties.

I realise that some activities may be quicker to complete than others and therefore the following are some suggestions as to what your child could do if they have extra time!

  • Complete activities on reading eggspress if they have access to a device
  • Complete activities on numbots/TTrockstars if they have access to a device
  • There are some great lessons on BBC Bitesize that cover a range of curriculum areas and topics, along with live lessons to watch
  • Oak National Academy has a range of curriculum lessons and topics to access
  • Read a book and write a book review
  • Play a game, do a puzzle or some drawing/colouring
  • Get outside in the garden and exercise! Can they all still skip as well as they could before Christmas?!
  • Try some of the relaxation techniques that Mrs Briscoe taught them.

Try and keep to the designated slots on the timetable as much as you can, as it really helps the children to have a clear structure to the day. 

I apologise for the lengthy message but I hope it has been useful to catch up with a few bits. Remember to take lots of breaks and if things are a struggle one day then leave them and start again the next day. We are always willing to help in any way we can and so please do call us or email if you need anything at all. Remember you are all doing an amazing job.

Best wishes

Nancy Nicolson



Monday Assembly


Celebration assembly


Reading Support

During this period of remote learning it is important that you continue supporting your child with their reading.

In Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 this can be sitting with your child and listening to them read. Ideally you should try and do this every day even if it is just for 5-10 minutes. It will help you all to keep structure and routines going which we know is good for our mental health.

With the older children it may not be necessary to hear them read as frequently, and so just catching up with them every few days about what they are reading would be a great idea. You can either listen to them read or get them to tell you what they have been reading and ask them questions. You could ask them:-

Are they enjoying the book? Why?

What do they think might happen next?

What has been the most/least favourite part so far?

Who are the characters? Tell me about them/him/her/it?

Have they read any other books by this author?

Which one of their friends would enjoy this book? Why?


Talking about a book is a great way to see how much your child has understood and engaged with the text.

We know that you may not have reading books at home that your child can access but there are several online sites that you can look at.


The Oxford Owl website has an online library of e-books that your child can read. We used this website during the first lockdown and you should be able to register for free and access appropriate books for your child.

Oxford Owl for Home: help your child learn at home | Oxford Owl


You can select age appropriate books by either selecting the age of your child or if you use the Levels drop down bar you can select the book band that your child is on. If you are unsure check with your child as they should know, but if they have forgotten then email the class teacher and they will let you know.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 still have access to Reading Eggs until the end of February. Your child can use this resource independently, but I think it would be good to listen to them read where you can. As the children become more confident with their reading, they should be accessing the Reading Eggspress site which gives them books they can read and quizzes once they have read the book. You should be able to find it on the home screen.

Each child should have their login but if you are unable to find it please email the class teacher.


Children in Year 4 and some children in Year 5 have access to Lexia which is an online reading site which supports the reading curriculum. Your child should have their own login. Please contact the class teacher if they do not know it.

There are many other online reading sites that you can access and it is good to explore them with your child. The Book Trust provides books that children can read along with

 Stories for kids online and fun games to play | BookTrust

If you find any useful ones please share them with each other and let us know.

We will continue to update you where we can when we find helpful resources that will support children with reading at home.

The homework for this time of remote learning is just focused on reading so please make sure your child reads as frequently as they can. Reading is a key skill and is so crucial; it is more important than ever that we encourage our children to read and love books. Try and make the reading experience as positive as possible and please do let the class teacher know if you are having any difficulties engaging your child or accessing texts and resources.

Nancy Nicolson

English Lead




Here is the link for your celebration assembly today at 11.45am:




Here is the link for your celebration assembly today at 11.45am:

Celebration Assembly

Thursday 14th January 2021

Here is the link for the drama session today. 

It is timetabled for during the PSHE slot at 11:35am but you can do it any time during today if you wish to.


Tuesday 12th January 2021

Timetable Changes

Hi everyone

Just a slight few changes today. The only live lessons on zoom today will be:-
8:50-9:20am Registration/Maths 
10:15-10:35 English
2:45-3:00 Well-being

For the GPS and Topic virtual slots there will be powerpoints/notes uploaded onto seesaw for you to work through. I will have the zoom meeting open at that time if you have any questions but you do not need to attend.

Nancy Nicolson



Good morning! Just to say that the password is Year2 with a capital letter and not a lower case letter. 

This is different to the passcode you normally use.



Miss Mills




Here is the link to our assembly today at 11.45am:


Mr Worton-Geer



Hello Year 2

Happy new year! I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday for our live lessons.please find the link for our zoom calls on the homework tab. It is different to the one that Mrs Nicolson is using. I have uploaded the learning slides and any resources on Seesaw for you to use. You are not expected to print anything off as you can record answers in your home learning book or when this is not appropriate you can use the tools on seesaw to draw/write your answers straight onto the the learning provided.

Just a few housekeeping things:-

It is really important that the children are muted as otherwise it is very noisy! 

It might be useful to have a pencil and paper with them to write anything down.

When the live zoom lesson has finished I will open it again and if your child needs any help with the work they can join again - we will try this out for a few days to see if it works.

See you all at 8:50am!

Miss Mills



Here is the link to our assembly today at 11.45am:


Mr Worton-Geer


Good morning everyone!

Well done for getting through our first day of remote learning; you were all super stars!! I have put some work onto seesaw ready for this morning.

Here is a link to the Zog story as I'm not sure if the one on Seesaw was successful!

Zog by Julia Donaldson, Rhyming Story for Children, Tale about Dragon, Read Aloud Book - YouTube

Just a few housekeeping things:-

It is really important that the children are muted as otherwise it is very noisy! 

It might be useful to have a pencil and paper with them to write anything down.

When the live zoom lesson has finished I will open it again and if your child needs any help with the work they can join again - we will try this out for a few days to see if it works.

See you all at 8:50am!

Nancy Nicolson






Here is a link to our assembly at 11.45am:


Reporting COVID cases to the school over the holiday period should be addressed to .  This e-mail address will be monitored between 10:00 - 12:00 noon until 24 December 2020.  Please see letter for more details.


(Please scroll down to the bottom of this message to find an outline of the day for Wednesday 6th January)

Welcome Back 

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to what will be a very different half term for all of us. I am sure there will be many teething problems to get through at first but will face them together! Please do email me if you have any questions. I may not be able to get back to you straight away but I will respond as soon as I can. I think communication will be so important and I will do my best to update the class page whenever I can.

The remote learning timetable can be found at the bottom of this page. It is really important that your child attends every live zoom meeting so please take a careful note of when they are. We will call you if your child does not appear in the meeting so that we can sort out any issues you may be having.

Please find the link for the zoom meeting in the homework section of this page.

I look forward to seeing all the children in the morning ready to engage with this new way of learning!!

Best wishes and take care

Nancy Nicolson


Outline of the day for Wednesday 6th January 2021

8:50-9:20 Live zoom registration followed by live maths lesson

9:20 independent maths tasks on seesaw. Please upload your completed work by 10am.

10:15-10:35 Live zoom English lesson

10:35 independent English task on zoom to be completed and uploaded by 11:15am

11:15-11:35 Live zoom grammar lesson followed by independent time on numbots.

11:35-11:45 Spelling activity on seesaw

11:45-12:00 Assembly

1:00-1:30 Daily Maths session on seesaw (complete for just Wednesday!)

1:30-2:00 RE task on seesaw to be completed and uploaded by 3pm

2:00-3:00 PE session - activites uploaded onto seesaw

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