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Year 2

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Year 2 Updates

On Friday 22nd November at 3pm I will be holding a quick maths parent workshop to go over a few strategies that we have been working on in class to support the children with their addition and subtraction.  I will run it like a mini lesson so the children will sit on the carpet and do the strategies with me whilst you watch at tables and then there will be a chance for them to work with you on a few more examples and I will try to answer any questions you may have. The session may possibly over run to after-school.  If the session if well attended I will aim to do more over the course of the year on different areas of maths.  

Many thanks

Mrs Jackson


See the homework section of this page for Autumn 2 homework.

Many thanks

Mrs Jackson


Hi everyone

In class this week we have been discussing our topic next half term which will be 'Toy Story'. The children have shared what they want to learn about toys and we need your help with a few things! I thought I'd let you know and give you plenty of warning.

1. The children want to dress up as their favourite toy (this can be as little as a T-shirt with a car on it) so we will be doing this on Tuesday 19th November 2019. 

2. They wanted to look at toys from the past and the toys their parents use to play with so if you have any old toys/photos of you playing with toys/Christmas present photos etc please can you send them into school for Monday 02.12.19.  If Grandparents have any old toys or photos that would be great too!

3. We talked a little bit about what we do with toys that we no longer want/play with and children that do not have many toys. The children suggested wrapping their old toys up and giving them to charity. So I'm emailing a few charities at the moment to see if we can donate some toys to them.  More details to follow on this one but just a heads up!

That's it for now.

Thank you


Hi all

Just to let you know parent consultations both after school today (22.10.19) and Thursday (25.10.19) both sessions will be held in the Y1 and Reception classrooms. Please can you bring your child's tray with their books in with you when we meet. 

Many thanks

Mrs Jackson



Thank you so much to everyone that made reading this afternoon. It was lovely to see so many Mums, Dads, Nans and Grandads.  

We've had such a busy few weeks and I've finally managed to upload a few photos onto the gallery for you to see. 

Thank you

Mrs J

Last year Reception trialled the introduction of parent reading sessions with great success.  I would therefore like to introduce a session into Year Two this year.  This term they will be held on a Tuesday afternoon 3:00 - 3:15.  In this session a parent/carer/grandparent/older sibling is welcome to come into class and listen to your children read their school reading scheme book.  If an adult is unable to attend to listen to your children read a member of staff will listen to them as part of a group. We will start this next week (01.10.19). I'll see how this goes and review it at Christmas.

Thank you


I have uploaded homework for this half term to the 'Homework' section of this page and an information letter about this half term's theme below.

Thank you

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