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Year 2

Notices & Reminders

Year 2 Updates

29.03.20 20:47

First of all, Year 2 we won the numbots award this week!! Well done team Year 2. Another well done for the lovely stories you wrote last week.  I've shared them on seesaw so please read each others and make comments explaining what you liked about them.  If you haven't uploads yours yet do not worry! I'll share them when you send them to me.

So we will do things the same as last week, the work below is for you to work on over the week.


The next 5 lessons are on the White Rose website to continue your learning of fractions (week 2).  Lots have you have completed the worksheets in different ways.  Some have printed them, some have screenshot them and edited them on seesaw and some have written/drawn the answers in the home learning book. Any of those ways are absolutely fine.  Please do not feel you need to print everything and use your printer ink up.

Don't forget to keep up the daily 5 minutes or so of numbots.  Some children still have some outstanding activities to complete on mathletics which I set for homework at the beginning of this half term so try and get those done this week please.


Monday - 

Choose to Cook, Bake or make something.  Then write a recipe or instructions to tell somebody else what to do. Remember to use numbers, time words (first, next, then) and verbs (mix, cut, stick, sprinkle). 

Tuesday - 

Write a story about visiting another world. Include what it looks like, what happened when you were there, who did you meet there?

Wednesday - 

Look at this photo of a tiny dragon. Answer these questions in your book (In full sentences).

  1. Where has he come from?
  2. Why is it so small?
  3. Are there more like him?
  4. Where does he live?
  5. How would you look after it?
  6. Is it magic? What magic can it do?

Image result for tiny dragon

Thursday - 

Read a book on Oxford Owl ( After reading, draw a picture of your favourite character and describe them (e.g. grey, huge elephant).

Friday - 

Find between 3 and 5 different objects in 3 different rooms in your house and write them in a list using commas e.g: In my bathroom I have shampoo, a toothbrush, towels and toilet roll.


Please work on the one on the homework page.

Other curriculum activities to be completed over the course of the week...


You are going to create a poster about HABITATS!

Watch this you tube clip:

Now watch it again and think about:

  • What is a habitat?
  • What must a habitat provide for the animals?

Explore these 4 habitats:

Polar Habitat:

Ocean Habitat:

Woodland Habitat:

Rainforest Habitat:

You could use the internet to explore habitats further.

Make sure your poster has:

  • An eye catching bold title
  • Include 4 different types of habitat
  • Use punctuation (Capital letters, full stops, ?, !)
  • Include drawings/diagrams
  • Tell the reader what a habitat is and what it needs to provide.


Collect some nature things from outside during your daily exercise and draw these in your book. Try and include as much detail as possible.

Help your grownups with the cooking. Can you safely use a knife when you chop up the veg?

Create a steady beat using different things in your home (tapping a table, clapping hands etc) can you change the tempo of the steady beat? 

Can you research the Easter story and write about it in your home learning books.


Continue to work on Joe Wicks' PE lessons.


Continue to watch Mr Ashford's videos and try out the activities.

 A few useful websites I've found this week... Download the KS1 booklet for lots of activities. Free home learning packs. Create an account (no card details required) then download the Year 2 resources. Maths sheets for Year 2. Free if you make an account.


I hope that's enough to keep you going and remember keep posting on seesaw! Any questions please email me on

Mrs Jackson


26.03.20 20.04

Hi all

Well done to everyone for all of the hard work you have been doing at home. It's been great to see what you have been up to on seesaw so keep the photos and messages coming (If you want to do just one post of all of your activities instead of individual ones then that is fine ). I have also been really impressed with some of the extra activities you have been completing at home. I've seen children working on maps of the world, planting seed, making robots, lots of topic work and completing lego challenges.  These are all fantastic so keep up the great work.


At 10:00am those in school will be singing happy birthday to all the children who have had a birthday this week just like we would normally do. Please join in with us at home if you can! 

I will upload more learning activities for next week on Sunday evening but just keep doing what you are doing Year 2.

Mrs Jackson

Tuesday 24-03-20

There will be an update letter from Clare Kershaw, Essex County Council on our corona virus webpage, this morning - please see the Corona Virus page- this will be up by lunch time today. 


Please scroll down to the files section on this page for Tuesday's spelling activity.  Children are to work on the homophones there/their/they're.

22.03.20 20:36

Hi everyone

I hope you have all kept well over the weekend and are enjoying the sunshine at home.   Happy Mother’s day to all the mummy’s/nanny’s/special ladies in Y2 lives too!

Below is some ongoing work for this week and I will keep updating where necessary. When your child has completed the work please do remember to take a photo of it and post it on seesaw; I really do enjoy looking at what you have been doing. However please remember that in order to stick to GDPR guidelines you need to avoid photos with your child’s face in.

Please also remember you can email me with any work related questions at the following email address:- 


At 9:00am each day the body coach Joe Wicks is leading a PE lesson for children to join in with. It would be great if the whole family could get involved and all join in.


If you can try and get your child to complete about 5-10 minutes on numbots each day. This will help them to develop their number fluency.

After this they can work on the following:-

There are 5 maths lessons on fractions to complete, one each day.  Please watch the video first, either with your child or they can watch it on their own.  Then complete ‘Get the activity’.  They can either save the document, edit it on seesaw once uploaded as a photo and save or complete it in their home learning book.  Each session should take around 30 minutes. 

English (whole week)

We have spent lots of time reading the story ‘Charlottes web’ and have completed lots of great description work on the story.  This week I would like you to write your own story based on the adventures of Wilbur and Charlotte.

Monday – Plan the story on a story mountain (we have done this numerous times so the children should know exactly what to do).

Tuesday – Write the opening

Wednesday – Write the build up and problem

Thursday – Write the resolution and ending.

Friday – Edit with green pen (if you have one if not any colour will do) and then finally publish on to lined paper or then next page of their home learning book.

Once published please take a photo of your story and upload it onto Seesaw and I will share it for everyone to read and enjoy. 


Don’t forget to read each day if you can. Here are some free books on the Oxford Owl website that you can access (you need to register first).

Spelling (Monday)

New/knew.  I have uploaded a sentence stem worksheet onto seesaw.  Explore the homophones new/knew.  Decide their meaning and complete the missing word to make the sentences correct. 


Mr Ashford, our drama teacher, has put a link to his youtube account so that you can try out lots of drama activities with him. The link is below:-

I would also highly recommend taking advantage of the free login that twinkl are providing as you will find lots of resources to support your child with their home learning:-

How do I sign up for the free month?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS

Step 3: Share the offer code and website link with anyone who could benefit 

Remember if you have any questions please do email on the address above.

Happy home learning and keep safe!

Stacey Jackson



Just a quick notice about Seesaw... 

Thank you to everyone that's had a go at uploading some of the lovely work the children have been doing at home this week.  Please can you ensure that if you upload a video you have recorded at home that your child's face is not in it please.  This is due to GDPR reasons. I have deleted the videos that have been uploaded so far with children's faces in them.

Many thanks.


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