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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Year 3

Notices & Reminders

Good Morning Children
As I won't see you today in our celebration assembly I just wanted to say how very proud I am of all the home learning you have been doing over the last two weeks.  Your teachers have been showing me the wonderful things you have been doing and they look great. If you haven't uploaded work onto tapestry or seesaw then please do.  Our value of the month is reflectiveness and I wanted to ask you all to spend five minutes reflecting on how resilient you have been over the last 2 weeks, coping with a very different way of learning.
We break up for the Easter holidays this afternoon, at 1:30 pm, but I will see you back here, on your class page, on Monday 20th April at 9 am. 
Happy Easter
Stay Safe
Mrs Spearman

Friday 3rd April

Good morning!

The work for today will be uploaded.

I would be really grateful if you could get your child to write down a few sentences about their time in Year 3 for their reports.  I will upload the slides for this again.  A big thank you to those who have completed this!

On Monday I will send out some slides with websites that might be useful to your children over the Easter break.  Children are welcome to post things on Seesaw, but I will only be looking at Seesaw a few times during the week.

A huge thank you to all of you for continuing to support your children with their learning at home.  It has made such a difference and I am aware that it can sometimes be quite challenging.  

Wishing you all the best for the next two weeks,


Miss Skeaping


Friday 27th March 2020


At 10:00am those of us in school will be singing happy birthday to all the children who have had a birthday this week just like we would normally do. Please join in with us at home if you can! 

Good morning!  We have done a week at home!

Many thanks and congratulations for all the fantastic work the children have done this week.  Thank you for supporting them.  Work is up on Seesaw and will be posted in the homework folder on this website.

The maths is a bit harder today, but the children should give it a go.  There are questions that they can do.  They may have to think a little bit more!

The English is quite long, so I have split it up.  You might want to have a look at the daily timetable to give you an idea.

Computing - If you can, please can you download the Scratch Junior App.  This is free. The children had started creating an animation with a Viking chasing an Anglos Saxon in class.  They can continue this if they want.. If this is not possible, then please could you get them to draw a picture of a Viking ship about to invade Britain and some anxious Anglos Saxons getting ready to run away.  They can include speech bubbles.  The children could also make a comic strip if they enjoy this.  We have already done one in R.E. so they should know what to do.  I will post some ideas later.

If you need to get in touch, you can email me at this address:  I would be really grateful if you could inform other parents who are finding it hard to access Seesaw or the website.  Please do not contact me via Seesaw.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Miss Skeaping.

Thursday 26th March 2020

Morning!   The work for today will be on the homework page!  There is another drama lesson for you to access on this link!


Wishing you all the best,



Wednesday 25th March 2020

Here is a link to a survey, that we tried to do a few weeks ago.  There was a problem with the ipads and so we were not able to access it.  I would be most grateful if your child could complete this as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Miss Skeaping


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning everyone,

Thank you so much for the fantastic response to the work set over the last few days.  I have been so impressed.  More work for today has been posted on Seesaw and on this website in the homework section.  Some people really like a timetable, so I have uploaded one for today.  If it is not helpful then you can just fit school work in around your day.

Do access the  Joe Wicks fitness videos .

Have a great day!

If you need to get in touch, you can email me at this address:  I would be really grateful if you could inform other parents who are finding it hard to access Seesaw or the website.  Please do not contact me via Seesaw.


Wishing you all the very best,


Miss Skeaping




Tuesday 24-03-20

There will be an update letter from Clare Kershaw, Essex County Council on our corona virus webpage, this morning - please see the Corona Virus page- this will be up by lunch time today. 


Here is the link to Sam Ashford's drama.  It is really worth a look!



At 9:00am each day the body coach Joe Wicks is leading a PE lesson for children to join in with. It would be great if the whole family could get involved and all join in – I will be doing it too as it is a great way to keep fit!






Dear Parents and Carers,


At 9:00am each day the body coach Joe Wicks is leading a PE lesson for children to join in with. It would be great if the whole family could get involved and all join in.




On a positive note.......

The Star of the Week goes to Noah, who has been trying very hard to make his work even better and doing brilliantly in maths.  Well done Noah, this fantastic attitude will help you so much with your work!








19.3 20


Dear Parents and Carers,

All our work is posted on Seesaw.  It has been a delight to see the work your children have been posting, and I have tried to respond to all of them.  Please be aware that we cannot allow pictures of the children to be posted, and I will have to delete them straight away.  If you do not have your Seesaw login code, then please let the school know.  If you are able to pop into the school, we just need you to collect a piece of paper with the code on it.

Any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

All the very best

Miss Skeaping




Star of the Week

The star of the week is Amelie!  Amelie has a fantastic attitude to her work.  She has also shown great kindness and patience towards many of our class mates.  She is delight to have in the class.

TT Rock Stars

Despite numerous attempts to set the times tables, there are some children who have some very tricky timetables, which might cause them to lose confidence.  I am trying to resolve this as soon as I can.  In the mean time, writing out the times tables and the divisions is also really helpful.  You can test your child by asking them questions from a number of times tables, such as the 2,3,4, and 5 times tables.. Don't forget to ask them the division questions as well, such as 45 divided by 5, or 36 divided by 4.


Their spellings are in the homework section of the website.










Spelling Frame

This is a really good website to help children practise spellings.  If your children are focussing on the easier spellings in their homework, then they need to access the Year 2 games.  They need to look at the games from 12 onwards.  If your children are secure with their spellings from Year 2 then they need to look at some of the games for Year 3.  It is probably best to start from the first game.  The children can do well from just having a go at the practise questions and then trying the test.  

Try writing or › spelling-rule › Year-3-and-4

Times Tables

We are testing the children twice  a week now, as it is so important that they learn their tables.  Well done to the children who improved their scores this week!  



I have assigned the children with 10 tasks on mathletics.  All of the children are doing really well and should at least attempt the first question this week.  It would be good if they could do one question a week, and if they find it too tricky they can come back to it later on.  They should be done in order.


I am currently assessing the children with their times tables and will give them the appropriate tables to learn.  It should be on the system by the end of the day, Friday 13th September.


If your children find TT Rockstars tricky, then this is a link to a web site that generates times table work sheets. It is very important that you include the divide by questions.



Our Routines




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Times tables test




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