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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Year 3

Notices & Reminders


On Thursday the children, if they would like to, will be sampling dated (pitted).  Please can you let me know via the class email if your child has an allergy to them.





Our start of the week is Lucas, who has shown great kindness to his peers and resilience when tackling some tricky work.  Well done Lucas for your perseverance!


The star of the week goes to Daisy, who has taken off in maths and is whizzing through all our daily maths questions.  Daisy has shown fantastic resilience and determination and she should be so proud of herself!


Class Party

We will be having our class party on Tuesday 20th July.  I would be grateful if you could send in a donation of £1, which we will put to buying food and drink.  We will make this as Covid safe as possible.

Many thanks,

Miss Skeaping




This half term, I have changed the timetable a little, so that we can really focus on certain subjects over the course of one or two weeks.  So for the first week, many of our afternoon lessons will be on volcanoes, allowing the children to really become immersed in their new learning.  This will then be followed by a focus on music, which will last between one or two weeks.



This half term we are starting our new topic on volcanoes, learning about how they are formed, where they are found and how people learn to live near to an active volcano.  We will also be extending our work on weather as the children have had so many wonderful questions that we have not had time to answer.


We will be learning about fractions and then spend the last few weeks looking at shapes and angles.


The children will be writing a non-chronological report on weather events that interest them, for the first couple of weeks.  They will be doing their own research using books and Internet searches.  They will then write a story about friendships using the wonderful book, On Sudden Hill, which will link to our PHSE lessons.


Our weekly PHSE lessons will be mainly centred on the theme of healthy and unhealthy relationships, thinking about our friendships in school and out of school too.


We will be focussing on the Judaism and Islam, looking at some of the similarities and differences of the two religions. 


In music, we will be thinking about the aspects of music such as tempo and dynamics that we looked at last half term and using our knowledge to make a very simple sound track.


We will be extending our work on structures as part of our learning in R.E., and challenging the children to create a structure that reflects the Five Pillars of Wisdom that underpins the Islamic faith.  We will then make a mezuzah as part of our focus on Jewish life, and finally ask the children to make their own box that reflects themselves in some way.


In our computing lessons we will complete our newspaper report front page using the 'pages' app on the ipads.  Then the children will have a go at creating and then debugging their own computer game using the Scratch programme.


In science, we will continue our lessons on flowering plants and learn about leaves and how seeds are dispersed.













































































Our Routines