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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Year 3

Notices & Reminders

14 June 2019  

Grab bags
Every week 3 of our new menu, Y3 pupils' will have the choice of ordering a grab bag for lunch as an alternative.  Please see the options by clicking here.  Order in the normal way at morning registration.  Hope you enjoy. 


        EASTER WORK                                             

Dear Parents and Carers,

Maths  I have sent your child home with some times table sheets and number bond work to do as well.  There is no pressure for them to do this, but I would strongly recommend that they keep up their maths skills over the holiday.  If they enjoy this and want some more to do, then this link, will direct you to a free website that generates more times table and number bond worksheets.  I have also put on some more Mathletics challenges which covers the work we have done this term.

To help the children with their number bonds to 100, it is easier if they work out how to get to the nearest 10 and then work out how many 10s to get to 100.  For example:

73 + _______ = 100

73+7= 80



I have given the children who need a little support some 100 number squares to help them.


The children have been producing some lovely work in English and are enjoying expanding their vocabulary and making their written work really interesting.  We have focused on using adverbs that describe how something is done.  Here are some examples.

Miss Skeaping talked enthusiastically about Year 3. 

Wearily, the children walked back to their classroom.

“Your work is amazing!” exclaimed the teacher happily.

We have also looked at sentence structure and found ways to make our writing more sophisticated.  We worked on conjunctions which are words like because, when, after, and before. 

Here is an example.

The children packed up and got ready to go home when the bell rang.

When the bell rang, the children packed up and got ready to go home.

Sentences can be more interesting if the conjunction starts the sentence.

It would be fantastic if your child could do a little bit of writing over the holidays too.  They could write a diary of their holiday, write a report on what they have done, write about something they are really interested in or even produce a mystery story.  This is not compulsory but there will be writing prizes!  The classroom is being decorated over the holidays, and I will leave a display board free to put up their Easter Holiday writing.

Thank you for your support this term.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter break,

Miss Skeaping







This is to let you know that due to the very sad news of one of the children in our class, there has been some talk about the death of loved ones and family members.  We have talked about this as a class, and the children have been very thoughtful and mature in their responses.  Should they wish to discuss it further with you and you would like some additional support there is a well recommended book called 'The Invisible String' by Patrice Karst, which helps to allay fears about death of loved ones.  Advice for talking about death with your children is available from the Barnardo's website

We are making sure that this is handled in the best possible way, but if you have any concerns, then please contact the school.


Year 3 will be attending swimming sessions in the Summer term starting on Tuesday 30 April 2019.  Please see our letter below for more information.



You are all very welcome to come to our sharing assembly on Thursday 28th March at 9.00 in the hall.  It will last about 20 minutes and it will give the children a chance to show you what they have been learning.  We hope you can make it, and look forward to seeing you.


The children have really enjoyed playing a timetable game on the Topmarks website.  If you go to the Topmarks maths website and look for the game called Hit the Button, you can select the times table you are working on.


I have uploaded the homework onto the 'Homework section'.  I have had difficulty in uploading the children's spelling list however.  Sorry about this - I will try again later and send home paper copies on Monday. Thank you. - A really useful times table website.

There are still a few parents who are yet to join our classroom community on ClassDojo.

I'm using ClassDojo to as a reward system to communicate with parents this year. Download the app or log into your existing account.

Please find your individual login codes and pupil sign up codes on the 'Homework' page.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Miss Luckie


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