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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Year 3

Notices & Reminders



This week the start of the week award goes to Jack Davis, for his fabulous attitude to his learning, and for his effort to listen carefully and get on with his work.  Well done Jack!

apologies for not sending home the spellings.  They will be put into your child's reading pack on Monday.  They are now, however, posted in the homework section.


We are going to Moreton on Tuesday 28th for a walk which requires the children to do some map work and orienteering.  The walk will be muddy and we will be going regardless of the weather!  Please send you child in with waterproof clothes and suitable shoes.  Girls are welcome to wear their own trousers, if they do not have school trousers. We will provide a snack, but it would be good if the children could have a water bottle that they can fit in a pocket, so that they don't have to carry it around with them throughout the walk.  WE WILL BE BACK IN TIME FOR LUNCH!


We are determined to win the KS2 progress cup this week!  Please encourage your child to spend some time on TT Rock Stars.  

























                                                Star of the Week

                      The star of the week certificate goes to our new Harry!

Harry has fitted in so well to our class and has tried his hardest with his work all week.  What a great start Harry.  Well done!

There are new spellings this week in the homework section.   

Spelling Frame

This is a really good website to help children practise spellings.  If your children are focussing on the easier spellings in their homework, then they need to access the Year 2 games.  They need to look at the games from 12 onwards.  If your children are secure with their spellings from Year 2 then they need to look at some of the games for Year 3.  It is probably best to start from the first game.  The children can do well from just having a go at the practise questions and then trying the test.  

Try writing or › spelling-rule › Year-3-and-4

Times Tables

We are testing the children twice  a week now, as it is so important that they learn their tables.  Well done to the children who improved their scores this week!  





TT Rock Stars has been set.  Please let me know if there are any problems!  If your child does not get along with TT Rock Stars, then it is VERY IMPORTANT that they learn their 3 times table with division facts.  We will be testing them this week!  If they can write out their 3 times table starting with 1 x 3, then start it with 12 x 3 and work backwards.  The division facts are usually more challenging.  Write down 6  ÷ 3 and ask them to say how many lots or groups of three do you need to make 6.  This will help them make the link between multiplication and division.  It really helps to do this practically, so get out the pasta, or the raisins or the grapes and get them to make lots of groups of threes.  Then they can see that there are three groups of 3 in 9, for example.













I have assigned the children with 10 tasks on mathletics.  All of the children are doing really well and should at least attempt the first question this week.  It would be good if they could do one question a week, and if they find it too tricky they can come back to it later on.  They should be done in order.


I am currently assessing the children with their times tables and will give them the appropriate tables to learn.  It should be on the system by the end of the day, Friday 13th September.


If your children find TT Rockstars tricky, then this is a link to a web site that generates times table work sheets. It is very important that you include the divide by questions.








Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a really positive start to the term and it has been lovely to get to know the children.  I am very much looking forward to this academic year!


We will be reading every morning, when the children first come in, so it is important that they have their reading packs every day.

Parent Meeting

There is a parents meeting on Wednesday 11th at 9.00-9.15 in the music room, which is a chance for me to explain what we are doing until half term.  You can ask any questions too! Please don't worry if you can't make it.  I will send home a paper copy on Friday with your child, and if there are any queries that you may have, then please don't hesitate to ask.  


P.E. will be on a Wednesday and a Friday afternoon.

Sports Festival

All the children will be attending a local sports festival on the afternoon of Friday 13th.  We will be walking to the festival and will be back by 3.15.  It is important that all the children have their P.E. kits.






I hope you have all had a fantastic summer break.

Before you start Year 3 I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your generous gifts at the end of the summer term. Miss Baker and I were extremely grateful for all the kind words and wonderful presents that we received. It was a pleasure working with you and your children and very best wishes to you all for the forthcoming year.

Nancy Nicolson



Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Key Stage 2!  I hope you have all had a lovely break.

This half term, our theme will be the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We will spend the majority of the time focusing on the Stone Age, and then have a quick look at how life changed throughout the Bronze and Iron Age.  Much of our work, including English, will be based around this and we aim to have lots of fun.


In science we will be learning about rocks, soil and fossils.  If you have any rocks or fossils at home, and are happy for your child to bring it in then we will be having a little display table from the 3rd week onwards.



In maths, our topic is place value.  We teach in small steps.  I will give some more information about how we teach maths in the next few weeks.  In the mean time, please could you encourage your child to learn their times tables!  We will be learning times table in class and I will keep you up to speed.  We will be focussing on the three times table and the division facts when we return to school.



We will change your child’s books on a Monday and a Thursday.  PLEASE make sure that your child’s reading record is signed by an adult, every time your child reads with someone.  We will be doing a reading superstar certificate every Thursday, and this will be mostly based on the number of times their reading record has been signed.



We are keen to promote reading, and will be asking the children to think about their favourite book.  Please could your child bring their favourite book into school, so that we can make a display to celebrate the children’s reading.  We will also be giving them review sheets to fill in.



We are having a whole school focus on spelling, and we are introducing a new spelling scheme.  I will keep you updated with this.  There are no spellings to be learnt at home at the moment.



The children have P.E. twice a week.  I will let you know what days the children are having P.E. asap.  Please could you make sure they have their P.E. kit in school on Thursday.  They will not be swimming this term.



And Lastly......if you have any questions, you can always come and talk to me or Miss Forth.  Please understand, however, that we cannot always talk in the morning, as there may be a number of children who need additional support as they come in.  I will always make another time to speak, or will call you from school.


I am looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.  Until then, enjoy the last days of the holidays!


All the best,

Miss Skeaping






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