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Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Learning for Life

Year 4

Notices & Reminders

TT Rock Stars

It has been great to see how enthusiastic the children are about the new programme that the school has bought into - some of the children have even been asking to go on it at lunchtime and I know that most of them are already using it regularly at home.

We have however, had at least one occasion where a child's account may have been accessed by someone else (probably from the class) who has then spent well-earned coins on items that the child would not have purchased themselves.  Obviously, we are taking this kind of thing seriously, as it id not only unkind, but is not inline with what we teach about Internet safety!  We will be discussing this further in class next week but we would obviously appreciate your support with this at home too.

In the meantime, I have changed all passwords.  I am also able to refund purchases.  If any child has experienced this issue, they can let me know on Monday and I will sort out the problem.



Christmas performance.

For the KS2 Christmas performance, Year 3 and Year 4 are required to wear black. The children will be dancing in the show, so please make sure their outfit is suitable for this e.g. no floor-length dresses.

Please could you also send some tinsel into school, so that the children can wear it as a belt. This can be of any colour.

The dress rehearsal will be on Tuesday 11th December. Please could we have all costumes in by Monday 10th December.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

G. Seal


23rd November 

Mathletics.  Apologies for this, but I had not turned on the children's activities for this half-term!  I have spoken to the children and we have decided together that it would be better for them to concentrate on TT rock stars for the next week or so rather than having to extra mathletics this close to the handing in date.  They should all have their log ins.  Thanks for your support with this.



16th November

Sharing Assembly

I just wanted to say that I thought the children did really well in our assembly today - I was very proud of them.


Quite a few of the children are bringing in a lot of stationery to school at the moment.  It would be really helpful if they could just bring in the essentials as inevitably, things do get lost in school and I wouldn't the children to lose anything valuable.  Recently some things have gone astray and I have asked children to check that they do not have anything at home that doesn't belong to them.  Your support with this would be very much appreciated.  Also, I understand that some children are giving away items of their stationery etc and I have asked them not to do this in future. 

Have a lovely weekend.


9th November

Layer Marney Tower on Monday

Just to let you know that I have spoken to the class today about our trip on  Monday and explained that they do not need their pencil cases and reading books etc.  They need to remember their lunch, a water bottle and their money for the shop (optional).  

We will be leaving at 8:45 am (or as near as possible) so we are asking children to be here by 8:30 am please.  The estimated time of arrival back at school is 4:00 pm.  

I'm sure that it will be a great day - we are all looking forward to it.


Individual Spellings

I have not managed to give out this week's individual spellings today - I apologise for this.  I will aim to do them for Tuesday.  In the meantime, you could have a look at some of the whole class spellings instead if you wanted to.  


6th November

Just to let you know that PE will now be on a Thursday instead of a Monday.  

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