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Year 5

Notices & Reminders


Friday Celebration Assembly



Good afternoon.

Here is the link for the parent consultations (the code is the same as the lessons code).

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 930 9067 9581

Passcode: t6aYY8

If you are unsure of your parent consultation times then do please email me at

Mr M



Monday Assembly


World Book Day

On Thursday 4th March 2021 we will celebrate World Book Day. This is a global event where children of all ages come together to share the joy of reading for pleasure. Spending just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their future success and it’s fun for all involved. That is why World Book Day continues to encourage children and young people to read for pleasure through its work with authors, illustrators, publishers, bookshops and libraries.

On Thursday, the children will be working on one or more book related activities. Due to remote learning this will be slightly different to how we normally celebrate the event, but we will still be able to share, explore and enjoy books together.

Below is a link to the World Book Day website which has lots of good activities and resources that you might like to do at home. The audio and video books are a fun way of sharing a text with your child.

Events (

There is a particularly good resource that you may like to use which gives ideas for recommended texts under different topics and themes. It doesn’t give you the actual book, but it gives you an idea of books that are available that can be purchased for birthdays etc or borrowed from libraries when they reopen again.

Reading Recommendations (

The children will receive their book voucher as usual when they return to school on the 8th March 2021. These vouchers can be exchanged for world book day books which have been written by well known authors, or they can be used towards purchasing a text of your choice. You can exchange the vouchers in most supermarkets when you go to do your essential shopping, or you can hold onto them until book shops open once more. Most book shops are willing to extend the use by date on the voucher to accommodate this.

I hope you will join us in celebrating this event with your children.

Happy reading!

Mrs Nicolson



Friday Celebration Assembly


Relaxation video - Relaxation session 1.mp4



Monday Assembly



Celebration Assembly



Celebration Assembly



Monday Assembly



Celebration Assembly



Monday Assembly



Celebration assembly



Wednesday afternoon

Well done for all of the hard work you have completed so far this week! I will be on PPA in the afternoon so please ensure that you join Miss Howes Zoom meetings. You will need to join this meeting twice across the afternoon and also upload your work.



Reading Support

During this period of remote learning it is important that you continue supporting your child with their reading.

In Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 this can be sitting with your child and listening to them read. Ideally you should try and do this every day even if it is just for 5-10 minutes. It will help you all to keep structure and routines going which we know is good for our mental health.

With the older children it may not be necessary to hear them read as frequently, and so just catching up with them every few days about what they are reading would be a great idea. You can either listen to them read or get them to tell you what they have been reading and ask them questions. You could ask them:-

Are they enjoying the book? Why?

What do they think might happen next?

What has been the most/least favourite part so far?

Who are the characters? Tell me about them/him/her/it?

Have they read any other books by this author?

Which one of their friends would enjoy this book? Why?


Talking about a book is a great way to see how much your child has understood and engaged with the text.

We know that you may not have reading books at home that your child can access but there are several online sites that you can look at.


The Oxford Owl website has an online library of e-books that your child can read. We used this website during the first lockdown and you should be able to register for free and access appropriate books for your child.

Oxford Owl for Home: help your child learn at home | Oxford Owl


You can select age appropriate books by either selecting the age of your child or if you use the Levels drop down bar you can select the book band that your child is on. If you are unsure check with your child as they should know, but if they have forgotten then email the class teacher and they will let you know.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 still have access to Reading Eggs until the end of February. Your child can use this resource independently, but I think it would be good to listen to them read where you can. As the children become more confident with their reading, they should be accessing the Reading Eggspress site which gives them books they can read and quizzes once they have read the book. You should be able to find it on the home screen.

Each child should have their login but if you are unable to find it please email the class teacher.


Children in Year 4 and some children in Year 5 have access to Lexia which is an online reading site which supports the reading curriculum. Your child should have their own login. Please contact the class teacher if they do not know it.

There are many other online reading sites that you can access and it is good to explore them with your child. The Book Trust provides books that children can read along with

 Stories for kids online and fun games to play | BookTrust

If you find any useful ones please share them with each other and let us know.

We will continue to update you where we can when we find helpful resources that will support children with reading at home.

The homework for this time of remote learning is just focused on reading so please make sure your child reads as frequently as they can. Reading is a key skill and is so crucial; it is more important than ever that we encourage our children to read and love books. Try and make the reading experience as positive as possible and please do let the class teacher know if you are having any difficulties engaging your child or accessing texts and resources.

Nancy Nicolson

English Lead



Here is the link for your celebration assembly today at 11.45am:




Here is the link for your 11.45am assembly today:

Celebration Assembly



Please do remember that due to staffing Mrs Howes will be teaching the class this afternoon, this is the only change to the Lockdown timetable published upon return to school.

Have a great Thursday :) I will see you on Zoom in the morning and again Friday! Don't forget to be your amazing selves!

Mr Mortimer





Following on from emails from parents in Year 5 I have tried to keep the recurring meeting so that the login and address are the same as Friday.

Please find all of the login details in the homework section of this page.

Mr Mortimer.



Here is the link to our assembly today at 11.45am:


Mr Worton-Geer



Here is the link to our assembly today at 11.45am:


Mr Worton-Geer





I have created a new Zoom meeting for Thursday, I will be putting the link and password into the homework section of the class page.

You are required to log into the Zoom registration first thing in the morning. Just like at school we will also be checking the register after lunch to ensure that the children also attend their afternoon lessons too.

Mr Mortimer





Here is the link to our assembly at 11.45am:




Dear Year 5,

Well Happy New Year to you all!

I really hope you had some fun over the holidays and that you did lots of interesting things within the rules! All of the Year 5 team are very much looking forward to seeing you. It will not be the same as before, but we can all still be together in a different way. I am hoping that we can have lots of fun.

I will be sending you a zoom link for tomorrow very soon in the Homework section of this school page. Do remember that it is like being at school, so you will need to make sure you have your book, a pencil, a rubber and a ruler ready. (If you don't have a ruler, then don't worry). It is all a bit new to everyone, but I am sure that we will do brilliantly!

So make sure you go to bed early and get a good sleep tonight! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

All the best,

Mr Mortimer




Reporting COVID cases to the school over the holiday period should be addressed to .  This e-mail address will be monitored between 10:00 - 12:00 noon until 24 December 2020.  Please see letter for more details.



Hello everybody, 

If you are doing blended learning from home, here is the link for the Christingle assembly. We have this planned for 9:30. 




Carol service for today:


Blended Learning 16th-18th December 2020

Thank you to those parents and carers who have informed me of their choice of Option A or Option B.  If you haven't yet done so, please let me know by tomorrow so that I can make the necessary arrangements. School remains open until 18th December and I will be in class with the children, but I hope that our class bubble does not have to isolate any time after 15th, as that would mean all of us, pupils and staff, isolating over Christmas. 


Christmas Jumper

On Tuesday 8th December the children will be taking part in a short video as part of our Christmas celebrations. If possible we would like them to bring in a Christmas Jumper on that day so that they can wear it for their part of the video. The children must come to school in their normal school uniform and bring their jumper with them in a small bag. They will then put on their jumper for the session. If you have any questions please send them to the usual class email address.

General Information for Year 5
This front page will be used as regularly as possible to update you on what is happening for our class in the future.
If you need to contact me, please email:
Parent Consultations
Thank you to all of you parents who managed to meet with me about your child's progress and effort in Year 5 so far. If we had technical difficulties or did not book a slot (or missed a slot) then I will be reaching out to you either via email to organise a call or sending you a short summary of targets actions and an update. 
Thank you all again, your children really are lovely.
School Councillors
We voted this week for our representatives from our class to go forward to School Council. We are proud to say that May, George and Daisy will be our School Council Members. Well done to all of you!
Seesaw Codes for family members and Meet the teacher Powerpoint
Hi all,

The codes allowing you access to our Seesaw will be given out today and this will allow you access to our online learning platform where we share our work, achievements and updates. The general class login will also be saved into the Homework tab on this page so you can print it out for home or access the Seesaw app wherever you are.
Please let me know if you encounter technical difficulties by emailing on the class email as listed above.
Mr Mortimer
Meet the teacher Powerpoint
You will be receiving our Meet the Teacher slideshows soon. It is filled with a little information about us a Year 5 staff team as well as what we will learn this year as we return from the strangest summer on record! This slideshow will be published both below and on Seesaw.
Please see below for important information.


Our Routines

Book changing will take place as and when your child asks an adult to change. They will have the option to select a book from our reading corner in class as well as a book from our Reading Scheme until they become a free reader.







Drama with Sam Ashford


PE with Mr Mortimer


Mr Mortimer PPA


Mrs Howes in class PM


PE with Mr Mortimer

Celebration assembly